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Leyendas del Rock, Alicante, Spain, 12th August 2016: Metal Journal

The performance of Tygers Of Pan Tang on the stage Mark Reale was pointed in red in the times of the followers of classic heavy metal and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. If there is a band that should have followed in the footsteps of the icons of the movement, such as Iron Maiden, Saxon or Def Leppard, that should have been Tygers Of Pan Tang, who were half way through despite having made some discs essential in the heavy british. Like many others (Diamond Head, Angel Witch...) they lost a train that I would never stop.

Guitarist Robb Weir is the only bastion that remains of the old guard, although has been known to surround himself with musicians of accredited add many years to your side. In the foreground is the vocalist of Italian Jacopo Meille, capable of providing an identity to the band of the north east of England.

The next month of October will be issued their new studio album, which they have decided the holder of firm form as the Tygers Of Pan Tang. In Villena opened with Euthanasia, belonging to their debut, Wild Cat, the only album that sang by Jess Cox.

Quickly viraron to the material of the lps than in those with the extraordinary vocalist Jon Deverill and guitarist John Sykes, who years later would achieve fame with Thin Lizzy Whitesnake, Blue Murder... Together Love Don t Stay with Gangland spreading one of the best chapters of the NWOBHM. Put the icing on the cake with Paris By Air, the only song that rang in Legends Of the Rock's fourth album, The Cage.

With a sound heavy and powerful Tygers Of Pan Tang were convincing to the followers who had opted for the classic metal. Slave To Freedom and Rock ‘N Roll Man delved into the roots of the band while the surprise came when Meille presented Only The Brave, a new theme belonging to Tygers Of Pan Tang. Highlighted by a riff very heavy and gave hints of how will sound the new work of the british.

To one side of the stage, Robb Weir enjoyed the guitar while Jacopo Meille showing that it is a singer with a personality that does not seek to imitate Cox or Deverill. The vocalist said that they were going to play a theme of the Crazy Nights that often do not interpret and that is your wishlist: Do It Good. It linked quickly with Running Out Of Time.

Tygers Of Pan Tang did not want to forget of their previous work, Ambush, from which they played Keeping Me Alive. In the final straight chained three classic belonging to their first three albums; Suzie Smiled, Raised On Rock and Hellbound completing an hour of classic heavy metal that demonstrated both the validity as the legacy of a key band in the NWOBHM.

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