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Artists & Bands - Ambush Review

Well, four years after the great Animal Instinct and after EP format outputs relating to the reincisioni of the old catalogue, the "Tiger of NWOBHM" is back in the music industry with a new unreleased disc titled Ambush-that the text-as well as to reiterate the glorious past since wonderful cover by Rodney Matthews (already at work with the band for Crazy Nights) is also one of the best albums ever recorded by the ensemble of Whitley Bay at least from the mid 80 's to the present.

The added value of Tygers Of Pan Tang from 2004 to date is the very Italian and never too considered Iacopo Meille is out of question, but what is surprising in these 11 tracks is like the English Quintet has managed to find a perfect compositional balance between the hardness of the metal and the beautiful melodies has always been their trademark, which they've had for many years.

Evidence of this may already be enough in the opening song "Keeping Me Alive", which after an acoustic intro explodes in beautiful guitar riffs and a vocal line to scream that reaches its climax in the chorus, one of the best ever made by the Tygers. But that's not all from this point of view: "Play To Win" is meaningful from the start (and couples well with "One of a Kind"), a passionate and catchy hard rock perfect for FM frequencies, whilst the power ballad "Burning Desire"-clearly indebted to the years '80 - you appreciate its beautiful embroidery of Weir and characteristic Robertson, as well as a passionate interpretation of Meille.

The arrangements of the disc, though not too complex are all well taken care of, and the production is a really clean and calibrated product; that said, from the controlled to harmonic gems listed above, there are more episodes with equal valid, sharp quality: "Rock & Roll Dream" is a ride where the bass is a nice groove that enriches an already impressive rhythm, "She" most earnest tones glitters even for beautiful guitar textures and conclusive "Speed" is a homage and a sort of self-celebration of the first glorious stage of metal band, which were among the best Tygers and most credible exponents.

Substantially less impulsive and more distinct in a melodic songs compared to the direct predecessor, Ambush is a beautiful album of direct and genuine rock where the alchemy of "new" line-up appears to be at its highest and where each component appears to be actually useful to the project. The Tiger continues to scratch.


Fabio "Stanley" Cusano

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