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Rock In Athens - Ambush Review

After the very good "Animal Instinct" from the 2008 legends of "NWOBHM" Tygers of Pan Tang return to with their new album "Ambush".

For those who will not recognise the Tygers of Pan Tang when listening to "NWOBHM", let's not expect to hear "pure" British metal. The definition "NWOBHM", as most know, was created, not to feature a musical idiom, but a movement, to which belonged several heterogeneous groups. The Tygers Of Pan Tang belonged to those bands which had aspirations on the other side of the Atlantic, such as Def Leppard, without having the similar commercial success with the latter. So as you can see they play straight American hard rock, and even better than many American bands.

From the original line-up of the band is the guitarist Robb Weir and this album shows us eleven well-processed, classic hard rock compositions.
Especially compositions such as "These Eyes", "One Of A Kind", the ballad "Burning Desire" and the most "British" in "Speed" (the title of explaining it entirely ...), scarce to see these days is a song like "Hey Suzie", a reference to their past (specifically the "Suzie Smiled" ...).
Jacopo Meille sings with an incredible lyrical interpretation of feel of the 80's, while the rest of the band moving at high levels with the guitars to have the last word. The package benefits the crystal production of the famous producer Chris Tsangarides and incredible cover of Rodney Matthews, whose work we admire, not only on older albums of Tygers, and bands like the Praying Mantis, Magnum, Asia and many others.
It seems these old tigers still bite. Lovers of melodic American hard rock will enjoy the magic.

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