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Bleeding4Metal - 'Ambush (2020 Reissue)' Review by Michael Machwirth

I already said enough about the TYGERS OF PAN TANG when I reviewed their 2019 album "Ritual". Since their resurrection, they have stayed true to their classic style - is that still NWoBHM, or is that just laid-back hard rock that can also be found on the remastered version of the 2012 album "Ambush"? Singer Jacopo Meille recalls how great it was for him to work with producer legend Chris Tsangarides. In fact, you get the impression that he gives everything, puts vibrato into his voice and really lives out the 'Rock' n 'Roll Dream' on "Ambush". For founding member Robb Weir, the excitement was certainly not that big anymore, he still knows Chris from the early days of the band and through working together on great albums like "Spellbound". Back then it was a stroke of luck for the band, even if the luck only lasted a few years. Nevertheless, motivated by the positive reception of the previous album "Animal Instinct" (+ "x2"), the band stood on Chris' mat, "was firing on all cylinders", and waited for "the magic that Chris would add "(the magic Chris would add). The result is a solid hard rock album that doesn't have a single flop on it. In contrast to Jacopo, who really goes out of his way here, I have to say that the rest of the band - to stick with the imagery - only brought a box with practice ammunition. It does smoke, but there is no real mega-cracker among the eleven titles. Chris didn't manage to create great magical moments either. You almost get the impression that on their last recordings with second guitarist Dean Robertson (but they didn't know at the time that he was leaving the band) the band tried to get the well-preserved style and sound of the 80s out of the freezer fetch and thaw again. Of course, it still works today, and the fans of the old days will certainly be delighted, but here and there more fire than freezer burn and a fresh marinade based on the changed listening habits would certainly pick up a few more young fans.
The bottom line is that I can warmly recommend "Ambush" to every NWoBHM fan and every hard rock fan, because, as I said, it has no real weaknesses and remains super entertaining from start to finish. If you still need a little motivation, I recommend playing the titles 'These Eyes', 'Play to Win' or 'Speed'. The live version of 'Keeping Me Alive' is also a good tip.

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