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Classic Rock Magazine Italy  'Ritual' Album Review

To innovate while remaining classic...

Although the album opens with Worlds Apart's double whirlwind riff, the impression that something has changed in the Tygers sound is still immediate. Secondly, confirmation comes from Jack's singing. The third clue becomes a test with Rescue Me, where the sharp guitars of Robb Weir and Michael McCrystal unveil a dual melody on which the voice becomes enveloping. Raise Some Hell and White Lines give us back the Tygers classics, but the second part of the cd, the twelfth studio album, is sprinkled with songs that confirm the desire not to get lost in the chessboard of the obvious, between the heavy rock of Damn You! , with the rhythm section of Gav Gray (bass) and Craig Ellis (drums), who won the stage and the velvet Words Cut Like Knives ballad, where the group takes away the dust and try to evoke the first solo Robert Plant. Few bands after 40 years have written a beautiful and varied record as RITUAL. A note for my year-end top ten list.

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