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Dremufuestias.de's Keep It True Festival, Germany, April 2010 Review

Frankly I was somewhat skeptical that TYGERS OF PAN TANG would be really good. But with the first notes to wipe the TYGERS any concerns from the table. Forget the rather average gig a few years ago in Wacken! Contribute to the positive surprise two facts: first, the songs are hard as glass and thundered fresh from the PA, turns out to second, the new vocalist Jacopo Meiller as madness singer who sings the songs incomprehensible sovereign. The type of course is acting on stage when he was on board since the beginning sounds, while powerful and lively! And then the playlist: "Euthanasia", "Raised on Rock," "Take It ',' Suzie Smiled", "Hot Blooded", "Slave to Freedom", "Never Satisfied", "Rock and Roll Man", "Hellbound "," Wild Catz, "" Gangland, "" Do not Touch Me There "... sensational and the best band of the whole festival! Alertness level: fucking 150%!'

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