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DarkScene - Ambush Review

The legendary Tygers of Pan Tang in 2012 are no longer the band that released one of the most famous NWOBHM classics in 1981 featuring "Hellbound". Robb Weir and his men have evolved over recent years with strong albums and especially fantastic, energetic performances, resulting in one of the best NWOBHM acts. While many bands for me, fall by the way side, aside from Iron Maiden and Saxon, they still perform at a high level, and anyone who has seen the guys in recent times live, know what I am talking about. It doesn't get more rock and roll!

Singer Jacopo of course plays a large part in the renewed strengthening of this legend, a man with a unique voice, great show talent and the aura of a Robert Plant. And if you look at the song credits on "Ambush", one is already amazed that Robb Weir is clearly part of a super force team and it's not just 'his' vision of the Tygers. It would be a mistake to think so because I'm not sure Robb alone could have created material such as the opening trio of "Keeping Me Alive", "These Eyes" and "One Of A Kind" which so easily shake from the sleeve. They're three uptempo-rockers, which all could have featured on "The Cage" or "Crazy Nights". Even the dry guitar sound of time the guys have achieved. Each lick pays homage. But "Ambush" is much more. With "Rock & Roll Dream", "She" and "Hey Suzie" - one quasi continuation of their own classic "Suzie Smiled" - pays homage to even the own roots and risked excursions in led Zeppelin realm which fully meets Jacopos voice of course.
From the outset there are very pleasing, understated compositions such as the super-catchy "Play to Win", the emotional "Burning Desire" and the energetic "Speed", a little similar to Crazy Nights "Raised On Rock", immediately catchy.
On pressing the repeat button the album just gets stronger and it its already clear to the senses how well these tracks will go down great 'live'.

Great respect for the Tygers, who do not belong to a dying breed in this form. Quite the contrary. The Wildcats show their claws to strike in 2012 just as effectively as in 1981. It's wonderful that there are still bands who do not deny their own past, and still make to this day, relevant music and live among the strongest forces of all. The successful Rodney Matthews cover is the cherry on the cake. Super!

With perhaps a little luck you might find on the likes of eBay the Fan Pack Edition which includes mini poster, guitar picks packaged in a nice box (unfortunately the official release was only available through the bands label are sold out).

(review: Bruder Cle)

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