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Hard Music Base - 'Ambush' Review

These tiger veterans, they have since 1978 in his discography already quite a lot and this year we are again after four years announced the release of new boards. Tygers of Pan Tang have always had a bit of luck. Despite their undisputed quality, never got out of the shadow bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Accept. Their new album is called "Ambush", which means something like ambush, so hopefully the boys went to the fullest and have nothing left in the pantry for a rainy day, because we want a real blitzkrieg.
Do not be fooled by the first notes of opening track "Keeping Me Alive" is not a hybrid infamous Metallica and Lou Reed, but a decent start conceived total hit song that goes decently. Typical heavy metal riffs without unnecessary embellishments or some experiments. The second "These Eyes" begins again promising, moderately fast riff, very soon, however, is gaining momentum and progressing well until the very end. "One Of A Kind" is another zdařenou excursion into the eighties, we can listen to anything from hard rock influences, this thing is well again listening. "Rock 'N' Roll Dream proves that the band is already pretty active number of years, and the total without much persuasion believe that the real rock'n'roll dream about in this song singer Jacopo Meille sings, the band actually had. More a song called "She" starts nice riffs Robb Weir and Dean Robertson and middle compositions Tygers of Pan Tang also flashed really povedeným solo. "Man On Fire" beautifully evokes the atmosphere that the British Isles in the late 70s and 80s decade There was, and a great chorus of all this can only crown.
Now slowly come to the second part of the album, it starts fast track "Play To Win", which I also immediately after the first listen much. Bullets fly aces in the sky and touch the sky, yes, the song is a kind of confession to a dangerous form of entertainment in piloting fighter aircraft. The eighth "Burning Desire" has ballad beginning, but after a little faster. The following songs in order: "Hey Suzie" is at all times bears the usual mid-tempo and Guess which two words are repeated here nejvícekrát? "Mr. Indispensable" not bad, not to say that there are just in number, but on first listen, nothing you do not address explicitly. Well, the last thing on the album is a song named "Speed", again great heavy metal that rolled nicely. Here we drummer Craig Ellis performs work with both of my kick. To mention all of the band members, Brian West even mention that on the album "Ambush" care of the four-stringed instrument.
Our tigers embarked into the world of album that could have fallen out of the eye, my colleagues from the eighties. And why not, no super modern sound after Tygers of Pan Tang nobody could want or expect, you guys are going, what they like to play, and what by the way you play a great many years. In addition, once again managed to put together a solid material, which I think definitely surpass the previous two albums. Not only because I decided a review after a few more will send further increase the final eight points out of ten.

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