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HardRock80.fr - 'Ambush (2020 Reissue)' Review by Nikki

With Animal Instinct, the Tygers Of Pan Tang offered a decent album. This effort had the primary merit of presenting the Italian singer Jacopo Meille.

So, it’s a confident, ambitious and tight-knit band that recalls the legendary Chris Tsangarides to produce what will be the Tygers' 10th album. The name Ambush is inspired, according to Robb Weir, by the name given to a group of tigers in the wild. We also welcome a brand-new bassist Gavin Gray who will bring a lot of groove and a new added value to the combo.

As you will understand, the united team will therefore offer an album superior to the previous one. Without denying its identity, the Tygers Of Pan Tang paid particular attention to the melodies while retaining the energy that is its hallmark. In fact, the "Keeping Me Alive" start gets everyone in the mood. It's clean, well put together and most of all addicting from the first listen. Other songs are doing well, such as this excellent "Rock & Roll Dream" with an infectious groove carried by the very good bass lines of Gavin Gray. The other great moment is their "She", with lyrics dedicated to a woman making over her life with another man and the harm it does. We will notice a first remarkable flamenco solo which will launch the second solo with the electric guitar this time. "Play To Win" is an incisive, NWOBHM typed tempo that contrasts with all the other mostly mid-tempo tracks. "Burning Desire" has her eye more towards hard melodic, a genre of which the Tygers Of Pan Tang are far from being the clumsiest. The chorus and vocal lines are particularly neat. “Hey Suzy” is another infectious groove track once again carried by Gavin Gray's bass and Robb Weir's talkbox. "Speed" ends on a quick note (ah shit ... you guessed this one) effective because she is one of the beautiful heirs to Wildcat and Spellbound.

In 2020 the album was remastered by Henrik West. The production here gains in depth and energy while being respectful of the work of Chris Tsangarides. The interesting addition is the mid-tempo bonus track "Cruel Hands of Time" at least as good as the 11 tracks from the original track listing. Finally, 3 live samples will be offered as a dessert for all those who adore this very good Ambush.

This Ambush is therefore the album that will seriously revive business by putting the Tygers back on track once and for all. Their Tygers Of Pan Tang (2016) and especially Ritual (2019) will drive the point home by confirming the vivid form of felines.

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