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Headbangers, Brazil - 'Ambush (2020 Reissue)' Review

The album "Ambush' in this 2020 reissue has recently been remastered at Medley Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark with extensive notes in the booklet from the band members. The main attraction of this new version is the inclusion of some bonus complete songs, two live tracks with the formation that recorded the album.
Mixing the original production was by magician Chris Tsangarides who passed away in 2018. Maybe a detail there or a little difference here, but nothing that has changed the face of the work, it may even seem like a heresy, and I didn't feel a big difference between the 2012 CD and this one
Perhaps a detail there or a small difference here, but nothing that has changed the care of the work, which in my opinion was great, because ‘Ambush' is a good Tygers of Pan Tang record and for many fans, the best the band recorded in that century. I believe that was the intention of Henrik West, the person responsible for this remastering.

As this is a reissue, we will talk about the bonus tracks, which are the main attraction to acquire an album that was released until recently. 'Cruel Hands of Time' (studio outtake) It is a leftover studio that could very well have been included in a TOPT album.
'Keeping Me Alive' and These Eyes "are those live tracks with the formation of the season that we talked about earlier. Also is a linear demo version of 'Rock'n'Roll Dream'.

About the original songs of 'Ambush' I have little to add on the reviews published in 2012. The album was highly praised for its energy and to have songs with a vibe in total harmony with the best that NWOBHM can offer, as TOPT was one of the highlights of that period in particular.
'Ambush' was relaunched in digital, digipack CD, black LP and orange LP (limited to 500 copies) by the Mighty Music label. It is a great opportunity for those who have not yet bought the album for their collection, to choose this edition in particular.

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