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Hellspawn  - 'Ritual' Review

To be honest, we only got to know this top band with their "Ambush" album, so we only discovered their NWOBHM days afterwards. The album after "Ambush", which they simply named after themselves, was again a hit. That set the bar very high for this new "Ritual"!

The first single "White lines" was a blast and only made us more curious. Now, "Ritual" is there and as far as we are concerned the best Tygers album so far. It has to be said, and it was already heard on the previous albums, the NWOBHM is largely out of it. What remains is beautiful melodic (hard) rock.

The songs are very strong, full of beautiful guitar work and singer Jack or Jacopo has never sounded better. What a voice, what a melody just listen to the three singles that show what you can expect! Second single "Damn you" is without a doubt our absolute favorite of the album, especially because of Jack's beautiful vocals and fantastic backing vocals, but if we have to be honest, there is not a single weak moment to be found on this excellent full-length player. The third single "Destiny" sounds a bit more catchy and commercial than the rest, but still fits perfectly in the picture. One that should certainly not remain unheard of is the very beautiful "Rescue me" with another starring role from Jack. Occasionally "Ritual" reminds us of beautiful eighties hard rock (think of the first John Norum solo albums) but with a contemporary sound!

There is no need to argue with this, you have to hear this album! Without a doubt one for the year list!


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