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Impatto Sonoro - Ambush Review

The Tigers Of Pan Tang sink their roots in the more pure and classic British Heavy Metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), the same one that sees in its ranks groups such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, if so don't know enough and you're going to make you a culture, Ambush is certainly an excellent starting point.

Uploaded by positive criticism received by none other than Mr. Geoff Barton about their previous unpublished work (Animal Istinct), training with the voice (n.d.r. and that voice!) the very Italian Jacopo Meille, "Jack" gets to work with Chris Tsangarides who in 1980 and 1981 he collaborated to the creation of milestones by answering to the name of Wildcat and Spellbound.

The product that comes out does not betray the expectations of fans, from clear sound "Tubby" imprint, Ambush offers 11 tracks of pure Heavy Metal, no compromise, no attempt to imitate the today market there saturated to more I can't, only Tygers Of Pan Tang's Classic Metal Style.

Let's talk about the disc packaging, because here we find a work of art worthy of that definition: the cover is entrusted to another associate historian of the band, Rodney Matthews, who already worked at the cover of the album "Crazy Nights".

In short, 11 tracks of refrains that wink and you enter in the lead to stay long enough to create an Ambush-addiction, heavy guitars in the purest sense of the term and a voice that shows how our beloved Italy can crank out powerful voices and perfectly capable of "ruffling by evenly distributing" many boys overseas

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