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TYGERS OF PAN TANG : Florence, Italy - 'VIPER' 20th February 2011

And so comes the time for the Tygers to go on stage. Weir, the only original member of the band, is not present on the Italian dates because, as later confirmed by frontman Jacope Meille, has had to undergo surgery! (I do not remember what for... though have had confirmation that he is well!)

The singer starts singing and the show begins with a setlist well balanced between old classic anthems from "Wild Cat", "Spellbound" and "The Cage" with particular reference to the second given the recent release of "The Spellbound Sessions", a 30th Anniversary Special Edition EP featuring re-recorded re-interpretations of the best tracks from the album.

We witness a band with attitude and determination to go on stage and give all of itself even in the absence their main axeman, along with a singer (our Meille) who, with stage craftsmanship performs more than admirably all the hits of the band. He flows through the songs with power and escalates to very high tones in a few songs, typical of his musical awareness and experience.

Of course, there was an initial embarrassment since, as admitted by the frontman, "Playing in your hometown makes me feel as nervous as going to the dentist". But the remaining members, including guitarist Dean were able and willing to meet Meille with a mastery and prosecutors worthy of what they were in the 80's. Sunday nights concert occurred even without anyone of the original components, but was able to crank out a show that sent everyone into orbit NWOBHM!

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