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Kaaoszine - 'Tygers Of Pan Tang' Album Review

Rating: 10 / 10

By:Aleksi Parkkonen

English Tygers Of Pan Tang will release late October on ”Tygers Of Pan Tang” the name of the album. Album name, one might think that this is the band's debut album, but this is not so. The band's roots extend namely the late 70s and Tygers Of Pan Tang released their debut album ”Wild Cat” already in the 1980s. Naturally, the band has experienced over the decades, the crew changes, but also disintegration, which lasted almost 20 years. Despite this, the band was revived in the 2000s at the turn and the last of the current configuration of the member were attached to the band in 2013.
Tygers Of Pan tang's long history, decay, and numerous publications aroused naturally, my interest in the band, but the biggest reason was its name. ”Tygers” transmogrification ”tigers” is a special and the band's name has its roots in author Michael moorcock's fantasy book series ”Elric Of Melnibonen”. Book series wizards keep tigers as pets, which the band has invented its name. What kind of music Tygers Of Pan Tang then call? The band plays heavy metal, where guitar riffs and solos but also catchy choruses are key. The band in the early years of Tygers Of Pan Tang were considered to be representative of the ”new british metal wave”. ”Tygers Of Pan Tangi” listen, I noticed on several occasions the similarities between Mötley Crüehun, Guns N’ Roses as also Whitesnakeen. Not that it mattered, for myself, I like those bands.
The album begins with wind-shaped with its piercing scream and a half minutes after ”Only The Brave” start provocative riff on. As soon as the first melody of the note the band's music to be old-school styled heavy metal. It's like travel back in time to the ' 80s rock and hair metal peak moment. ”Dust” is a section räyhäkkään more and polkevampi track as a starting track. Vocalist Jacopo Meillen voice is soft, but ”Dustissa” he remove the handles by singing slightly higher. ”Glad Rags” is the first clearly distinctive, high hit. The song in the lyrics are easy to relate to, when they sing ready for the weekend and partying. However, the chorus is the song's highlights – it is easy to learn and it certainly shows with the audience singing along!
When ”The Reason Why” going to ring could very well think he is listening to the Whitesnakea, so strong evocation of the song was born. However, the song progresses note that the tygers of this is. ”The Reason Why” is a slow song, which could very well imagine a falling rock in the spiritual club in the last piece. Or at least a couple of ten years ago. The song itself is beautiful and sappy love song, which is a good respite before the energetic ”Do It Againin”. ”Do It Again” is like a older rokkiukkoja of memoirs, in which we commemorate the hankering for the wild youth. Tygers of this agreement, after all, the band has a long history.
”I Got the Music In me” blow up the bank perfectly! The song is interesting and fun, which can inspire again and again and again. A clear reason is found once again a catchy chorus. ”I Got The Music In me” after the album does not, unfortunately, find one of the amazing songs, but not the end of the half, I not in any case bad. ”Blood Red Sky” fits the pompous nature for his excellent even though the stadium concert piece. Solid guitar riffs to whip the pieces forward and Meillen a little vaikeroiva voice brings new depth. ”Angel In Disguise” is just less than a couple of minutes of a vibe song, where the vocalist sings calmly accompanied with acoustic guitar. The last track ”The Devil You Know” is not as bleak even though the name might think. Jammaavat guitar riffs and the vocalist's secretive song give wait apiece more than what it offers. Towards the end of the song begins to fade into the vocalist's song and riff, along with, but just when you think the track ends, so a listening ear in the attack, räyhäkkä tiger ärjyntä. It's a strong ending!
Tygers Of Pan tang's the title of the album is like a blast from decades past. However, it is not stale and threadbare of smell, but a renewed and fresh looking work. The album is nice to listen to time after time. Some of the songs, such as ”Glad Rags” and ”I Got The Music In me” will remain ringing ears for a long time, but from the disk you will also find songs that require melt away. Album cover art has also given the score, it's sure to generate interest in the album. Tygers Of Pan tang's new album evokes the old-school hard to live and this record has definitely this autumn's best publications!

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