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LONGLIVEROCKNROLL - 'Tygers Of Pan Tang' Album Review

Only the brave. In this way, paraphrasing the title of the song placed at the beginning, could begin the review of the new self-titled album Tygers Of Pan Tang: historical name of the NWOBHM movement in the early '80s, the band from the north of England (Whitley Bay, to be exact), is still in business today, thanks to the perseverance of the founding guitarist (and the only original element still present in the line up) Robb Weir. The crisis of the British hard rock scene, the temporary dissolution of the band and the repeated line-up changes did not dampen the enthusiasm and stubbornness of Tygers, which, following the introduction on behind the microphone of the Florentine Jacopo Meille in the now back in 2004, we are now living a second youth, certified by the absolute quality of this work, symbolically titled with the one name of the group.
"Only The Brave", mail opening and chosen as the first single (video here), then it sounds like a real statement of intent: the tigers fortunately are far dall'estinguersi! The guitar riff is a tight a paw killer that does not escape, flowing in a metal ride that opens gloriously nell'azzeccato chorus from which it is conquered since the first listening, we are on the tracks of well-adapted NWOBHM sound in a modern key, with no unnecessary modernism. To underline the excellent solo of young Micky Crystal, one of the most promising axes on today's scene, perfectly integrated with the other guitar historic leader Weir.
If you excellent "Dust" and "Never Give In" (whose riff seems to come directly from the "Spellbound" furrows) we remain on the same sound coordinates, demonstrating that the NWOBHM atmospheres -in the presence of the right ispirazione- keep still bang in 2016 with "Glad Rags" the band venturing into territories typical British hard rock of the 70's (someone said Mott the Hoople?), thanks to a track characterized by a contagious chorus version almost "gospel".
"The Reason Why" deserves a chapter of its own: it is an emotional love song, in which the resounding voice test the very talented Jacopo Meille and delicious arrangements given away by the intertwining melodic acoustic and electric guitars create one of those pieces that will come immediately under the skin, giving you those chills that only great music can stir. Top ballad of the year.
With "Do It Again" is back to rock out to the largest: the track is accompanied by a "nostalgic text", although in the chorus (irresistible in its simplicity) shines through all the desire not to stop and regret the past but to live the high life their present; the strength of the rhythm section tested by Craig Ellis and Gav Gray and vocals of James, which at times reminds us of a certain Robert Plant, are the strong points of the song in question. After the successful cover of a classic pop music as "I Got The Music In Me" by Kiki Dee, revisited in a rock without losing an ounce of its original appeal, it is time to "Praying For A Miracle", a semi -ballad that the only flaw to be present on the same album that absolute jewel represented by "the Reason Why": the spectacular guitar solo to introduce the intense final of a fascinating song as rarely happened to listen to recent.
Dreamlike atmospheres are the prelude to the next "Blood Red Sky", a rock heavy metal characterized by rhythmic telluric and a tasty zeppeliniano interlude, while "Angel In Disguise" is a short but very successful episode for acustic guitar and voice: a voice, that of Jacopo, still able to surprise us once again with its pathos interpretation.
The bottom button of Gav The Gray gives the final "The Devil You Know", another episode of hard rock and gritty at the same time "catchy", after which the mighty roar of the tiger appears to certify the excellent state of health the band: after the acclaimed "Ambush" a few years ago, the Tygers of Pan Tang have indeed raised the bar even further and today we are undoubtedly facing the platter from their best times of the masterpiece "Spellbound": there ' is one song subdued and attention remains high from beginning to end of the disk, rather it is to assume (and hope) that many of these songs may soon find the right place in the set list of upcoming concerts of the group.
"Tygers Of Pan Tang" is an album that is sure to be appreciated not only by those who love and grew up with these sounds by now become classic, but also by those who love good rock in general. Get ready to see it stand out in the lists of the best albums of the year.

Author: Andrea Donati

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