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Blue Rose Saloon, Bresso/Milan : 28.2.2015

Red Mist Live Promotion reports in the Italian Tygers Of Pan Tang, one of the original legends of the NWOBHM, for a concert that will long remain etched in the minds of fans of heavy metal and beyond.

Rarely have I seen fans - frankly, not very shrewd and perhaps not aware of self and spirit of sacrifice with which Robb Weir has worked over the years to keep alive one of the most important companies belonged to the historical Moviemento called New Wave British Heavy Metal - relentlessly with lightness and superficiality of a band who seem to appreciate only nominally, perhaps mindful of the glories that this lived in the early 80s.

"But recall Jon Deverill ... no?", Or "Weir should have the courage to rename the band The Robb Weir Band, is his solo band, not the Tygers Of Pan Tang!", These are some of the most frequent comments that I heard recently on Tygers Of Pan Tang, a band "remodeled" what you want in terms of training, but able to offer consistently at the highest levels, each time it is called to do so.

To the detractors, or 'fan nominal', for my part, I answer with a dry (but not polemical) "if all the bands are historical 'reworked' how did Weir with Tygers, then be certain reshuffles BEN!"

Yes, sir, because if the Tygers Of Pan Tang are here tonight and can afford to do performances of this level, there would only be hoped that Robb Weir years anagrafe he had less than 50, and that the famous 'Tiger' Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, they had formed a decade ago or less, and not in the late '70s.

A spectacular concert and dripping iperelettrica melody -although with the limits in terms of acoustics of the room that hosted the esibizione- is what our players have become at the Blue Rose Saloon Bresso. The Tygers Of Pan Tang have certainly not skimped professionalism nor sincere enthusiasm: in this way, factors such as the '' Italian certified 'of their' new 'singer, Jacopo Meille (Florentine doc with them for 11 years, statistically singer longest in the history of the fundamental band of Newcastle), as well as the approval rating of our country by Robb Weir, help raise the adrenaline and 'charged' with the band reels off a stunning parade of classics of their repertoire.

In addition to the 'mandatory' "Gangland" (mail-in), "Take It" and "Do not Touch Me There" (historical individual who turns 35 in these days, and one of the first to be launched by the then new label Neat Records), soprendono extracts from the often discussed and mistreated "The Cage", album that marked the turning point of the Tygers towards a generally more conducive AOR / melodic hard rock, that the classic heavy metal of the early years.

Here, then, that "Rendzevous" and "Paris By Air" (the latter, however, included in a medley with "She", the last, great "Ambush" of 2012, "Rock'N'Roll Man" and "Euthanasia") treated with a very 'old school': zero effects and volumes 'ball' or almost!

It 'also a fortune to listen again in all their beauty and simplicity' classic children 'as "Never Satisfied", "Raised On Rock" and especially, "Love Do not Stay", taken from another of those album Tygers Of Pan Tang, who long did discuss and divided critics and the public, or the "Crazy Nights" that the MCA imposed to Weir & Co. to achieve at any cost in three weeks in the fall of 1981 in order to capitalize on the big success of the masterpiece "Spellbound" a few months before.

I would finally like to say a few words on the two real 'key elements' of this excellent line-up, without a doubt the absolute best that Tygers Of Pan Tang have had since 1981 (without of course forgetting an excellent Craig Ellis on drums, and an equally excellent -and falling in training after 16 years- Gavin Gray, former Almighty, on bass).

I witnessed the exponential growth of a Jacopo Meille by 'scholar of the voice' or 'session man illustrious' man and in the frontman who now holds the unenviable role of a singer of this extraordinary band, and I must confess, in absolute honesty , he could not imagine any other singer behind the microphone of Tygers Of Pan Tang. Meille has all the charisma, the necessary dose of "theatricality", and, not least, the voice, needed not only to revive the memory of Jon Deverill (arguably, the best singer that 'The Tigers' have ever had), but even outpace the Welsh singer.

As regards, however, the new guitarist Michael McCrystal, I think we can finally say that Weir is able to find the soloist fast, fluid, melodic and aggressive enough, that the fans of the band were waiting since the days of John Sykes. McChrystal has this evening proved not only his remarkable guitar technique (a successful mix of John Sykes and Eddie Van Halen), but also of his overflowing personality. The proof is that the central solo of "Gangland", traditionally one of the most difficult and unforgettable repertoire of John Sykes was tonight played to perfection, and if possible, further enriched by this tightrope of 6 strings, also coming from Newcastle.

With these assumptions, and ignoring benevolently -but even too- the "owls" of which mention is made in the incipit of this report, I think next descended upon the land of our national Tygers Of Pan Tang, will be more than the proverbial 'test 9 ', a reconfirmation of its absolute value, then as now, stressing the essential greatness among the ten most important bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

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