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Jack Meille : Interview/Review with Loud & Proud (Italy)

Our readers know that a name like that of Tygers Of Pan Tang causes the entire editorial staff of Loud and Proud to thrill, especially when, thanks to Mighty Music, we are able to put the paws on the new record, in preview! ‘Ritual’ will be published on November 22, but with today's release of the new single ‘Damn You!’, You will also begin to have an idea of the magnitude of this work.

To make it even more intense, we went to ask for warm impressions about the pieces to Iacopo "Jack" Meille, singer and charismatic frontman of the historic band, who eagerly lent us to our idea to offer you his thoughts, anecdotes and little gems, one for each song on the new record. The album was recorded in the studios of an old acquaintance of the Tygers, guitarist Fred Purser, to then continue his gestation of mix and production in the studios of Søren Andersen (of which you can read some more news here, in our review at his last solo album). Eleven pieces that we have listened to for days and days, without pause, only with the pleasure of enjoying a result that seems to be one of the best of the group's career. It is not easy to compare oneself on a record that has not yet seen the light officially, but talking about music with Jack, without external interference and conditioning, has created a deep and genuine connection, which we try to give you back in this track by track halfway between a review and an interview.

Worlds Apart’ - Killer riff! Here is the first thought that comes to mind as soon as the new Tygers album begins its run. An incredible, powerful impact that continues with a majestic trend: with a beginning like this, expectations on the rest of the record skyrocket.

"(Jack Meille) As soon as Micky arrived with the riff, we knew he would open the record. It is a powerful and dramatic song, with the verse pressing to the opening of the refrain whose melody was from another song. I still remember that that melody came to mind while we were in the dressing room in a Manchester club two years ago ... "

Destiny’ - Here is what promises to be a real live hit, with a catchy rhythm, which infects no escape. A piece that runs fast between two rocks like the opening track and the next ‘Rescue Me’, enjoying the immediacy and character typical of NWOBHM.

"Gavin, our bass player has the great talent to be able to assemble the ideas that others in the band propose. ‘Destiny’ is the result of a great work of arrangement as never happened before. Once again part of the song was written while we were on tour. Those are the moments in which we can all meet together. "

Rescue Me’ - Here you will find everything you love about Tygers, guaranteed! The vintage charm given off in these notes is all on the shoulders of Meille, who with a vocal test over the top manages to load the piece with power and heat. The unmistakable mark of Robb Weir is impressed here in an exceptional work in the central part of the song.

"It's one of my favorite songs on the record for its slow and heavy progress. It is hard and melodic at the same time. "

Raise Some Hell’ - The dusty roots of the group are rediscovered with a direct and effective piece, without many frills. The group always knows how to push on the accelerator by stripping of any tinsel: the piece that acts as a bridge between past and present is the fastest of the entire album, but like lightning it quickly strikes and does not forget.

"If you think of the Tygers you can't not think of a fast song that starts with a guitar riff. Micky worked a lot on it so that the riff could be up to those of the past. Once again in terms of melodies, two ideas were used from two different songs. The verse is in pure 'Wildcat' style, but with Paul diAnno in mind. "

Spoils Of War’ - The atmosphere changes again, for an elegant and refined piece, almost pompous compared to the general line of the disc. The latent darkness erupts exactly at the center of the titletrack, giving body and malice to the entire work: an excellent episode wisely placed in the ideal position.

"It's the first song we thought of for the album. We had already started working on it during the previous record sessions. Craig prepared an audition using Robb's riff which Micky and Gav then worked on to the final structure. There is a very cinematic "orchestral" version that I wonder if we'll ever publish. "

White Lines’ - The clouds clear up for a cool, airy and enthralling piece, with a more hard rock and light character. Obvious the reasons why it was chosen as a single, even if it is really difficult to choose a song that encompasses the nuances of this record, a heterogeneous whole, with excellent peaks.

"First single chosen after Søren Andersen who mixed the album told us it was the perfect song to present the new album. In fact it is a song written by all of us and that has undergone so many re-arrangements that we could release an alternative track album! It is the proof that sometimes to write a good song, inspiration is not enough, but a careful filing and arranging job is needed. He thinks the idea of ​​the double voice on the verse came to us as we listened to the tracks before sending them to Søren to mix them! "

Words Cut Like Knives’ - The lights are dimmed for the first sigh of this record, a soft piece that warms the heart. Jack tells us that this is a moment of sudden inspiration and it doesn't take much to imagine a melody exploding on an autumn evening, with a guitar chasing words.

"This song, on the other hand, is the result of a moment of total inspiration between me and Micky. In September of 2017 we took a couple of days to jammare in solitude. 4/5 song ideas have been released including this one. Text, melody and music came suddenly and we didn't change anything! A real unexpected gift! "

"Damn You!" - We think the second single of the day will revive the fire with a nice bucket of gas! If they let you hear this piece with your eyes closed, without knowing who plays and in what historical moment, you would answer "These are the Tygers Of Pan Tang of the golden years!". And we would tell you that the golden years are here and now, let's enjoy them.

"The second single, which comes out today, October 25th. When Robb decides it's time to write a 100% Tyger riff, it's relentless. With the help of Gav and Craig, who wrote two texts and an unknown number of different melodies for this song, a song came out that I think will be fantastic live! "

Love Will Find A Way’ - Another incredible test of Jack on vocals, for an octantian episode, deliciously retro in riff and structure, which brings to mind the Whitesnake. The environment is diluted and the lungs are filled by singing, before the great final leap.

"I discovered the Tygers in 1984 with" The Cage ". It was their most melodic and commercial record. This song is related to that period. Robb started playing the riff in the dressing room of a festival in Poland: as soon as I heard it, I recorded it and then developed it with Micky during our solo jam, in September 2017. It's an immediate and dynamic song in which I can bring out my softer tone. "

Art Of Noise’ - Going on stage and dragging one's audience is an art and without a doubt this band does not have many rivals on the field. The final sprint keeps the attention high and this piece promises to be a meat grinder for the upcoming concerts: explosive and immediate power, which convinces without reservation.

"The song that surprised us all when we heard the final mix! A true concentration of power dedicated to all those who love to attend metal concerts and festivals and more. "

Sail On’ - An epic and warmth that will surprise you. A small jewel in a closed position makes listening unforgettable. Perhaps one of the most effective pieces of the band's production, which seems to reinvent itself year after year, evolving without ever failing the pillars that made it a solid reality of heavy metal.

"If they had told me that when I was 50 years old I would play an epic piece inspired by the epitaph of Robert L. Stevenson on the hard life of the sailors, I would have had a big, fat, long laugh. Never say never. As soon as I heard the riff, I immediately imagined the stormy sea, a ship at the mercy of the waves and the thoughts of the sailors who mingled among them; the desire to see loved ones again, to tighten them, to smell the body was what prevailed and became the text of the refrain. It is to add the song that excites me the most when I listen to it again. "

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