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The Maloik - 'Ritual' Review

Then it was time for one of the lesser known bands within NWOBHM to stick out the chin again. "Ritual" is the name of the new album with British Tygers Of Pan Tang. Despite the band's relatively long career, "Ritual" becomes only the twelfth studio album in the order (may be due to a little break here and there). Although Tygers Of Pan Tang is seen as part of the development of what we now know as New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, they belong to the bands in the movement that did not really get very big ... even though there was plenty of potential they never got to share of the greatness Iron Maiden and Saxon managed to achieve. I myself discovered them quite late by chance ... think it was in connection with the release of the album "Ambush" in 2012. But since then I have followed the band at certain intervals. We who have been following this band for a while have probably quite clear to us what we expect from a new Tygers album… roughly the same formula that was recently delivered and hopefully new goodies.

The album starts with "Worlds Apart" which is a fairly standard hard rock song that starts with a guitar intro that can remind you of the Blind Guardian in the late 80's, but that lowers the tempo a snap when other instruments arrive ... a safe card that will surely go home in most of them. "Destiny" and "Rescue Me" go a little more to the arena rock direction ... yet good songs both, especially the former. Genuine NWOBHM feeling comes with "Raise Some Hell" and "Spoils Of War" lowers the tempo slightly but is still another hardcore. Now that you have listened to the other content and I could see that the level has been increased since last time. The production itself is much like it usually is ... quite accurate and the members feel quite inspired, but I feel that the content is a bit more varied than last and there was no immediate bad song. Favorites may be "Rescue Me", "Raise Some Hell", "Damn You!", "Art Of Noise", "Words Cut Like Knives", "Love Will Find A Way" and "Spoils Of War" ... but otherwise there is no song I immediately disliked… may happen that some moments were clearly brighter than others but at least.

It was fun to read through the record and write this review ... I'm pretty sure many who follow the band will be able to enjoy what they hear. "Ritual" may not reach all the way to a top grade, but definitely deserves a pretty high rating. You who like Tygers have every reason to look forward to tomorrow.

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