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MetalHead.it - 'Ritual' Review

On the universal source of culture called 'Wikipedia', looking for information on Metallica emerges a sentence that reads, more or less: Metallica were formed in Los Angeles in 1981 when Danish-born drummer Lars Ulrich made an announcement in the newspaper that he was looking for other metal musicians who were influenced by Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden. Metallica have changed a lot since then, despite a very stable line-up (bass players aside) ... and there are those who swear they have changed for the worse. The Tygers of Pan Tang, on the other hand, have undergone an apocalypse of line-up changes ... but ... BUT ... their heavy metal continues to break the ass and, perhaps, even today announcements are circulating (obviously on the web, the print is obsolete) of musicians looking for other musicians to play heavy stuff, quoting Robb Weir's band! A band that for many years, among other things, boasts a very stable and damn powerful line-up: not only is the immortal master mind Robb ... next to him is the guitarist mulls females (words of Jacopo!) Michael McCrystal, that groove king Gav Gray on bass, that hard beat of Craig Ellis on drums and ... the mighty Jacopo Meille with his fabulous voice! After the superlative self-titled album of 2016  I feared the worst, also because it is known how extremely difficult it is to replicate or overcome masterpieces. In fact, the first listening of "Ritual" did not trigger those excesses of vibrations as happened with the previous album, so much so that I started looking for an elegant way to 'reject' the twelfth album of one of the most essential bands of the world metal scene . But at a certain point, with a cigarette, a drink, the mind lost in the darkness shattered by the glow of the monitor, in front of an article still empty ... here is the refrain of songs like "White Lines" started to appear, with arrogance, in my thoughts, invading them, taking possession of them! Unconscious psychology of music: this can only happen with very high level albums! "Worlds Apart" opens with ferocity and dominance. A brutal example of how the NWOBHM should and MUST be played: metallic bass, overwhelming rhythm, lethal riff, pure headbanging and pride-filled vocal lines with a legendary refrain ... and of course a solo that breaks! "Destiny" is a frontal assault full of intense melodies, twisted vocal lines crowned by an epic refrain and another solo with a virtuous taste. Legacy "Rescue Me", backbreaking "Raise Some Hell", as heavy as the lead "Spoils of War". "White Lines" is sex translated into music, while "Words Cut Like Knives" adds a powerful dose of poignant romance. Heavy metal of a 24-karat purity with "Damn You!" (I love that hint of growl!), Pure provocation of the past with "Love Will Find A Way" while the two concluding tracks are deliciously obscure: "The Art of Noise "and" Sail On ". Robb is kind of a dark god of metal. His band? They are his devils, his henchmen, his accomplices. Together they commit heinous crimes, ruthless murders, extreme outrages. Granted, and not granted, that a court can ever judge them, the sentence would say something like ‘unintentional murder’. The victims? All those bands that have tried without persistence to make it, or that have made it but have not won the time ... or they have arrived but have not been able to return to the throne for more than one disc or two. The Tygers Of Pan Tang, after more than 40 years, continue to be there, they are a guarantee, they mark the pace, guide the mass and cancel the competition! "Ritual" writes another indelible page from the Metal encyclopedia with blood!

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