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Metalized 'Ritual' Album review
"A compelling strong heavy metal album" 9/10

It is 40 years since NWOBHM broke loose with galloping guitars from Maiden and Saxon. One of many British bands of that time is Tygers Of Pan Tang. They made their debut with Wild Cat (1980) and achieved great success in the heavy 80s, with guitarist John Sykes (later Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) playing (1980-82). With the new album Ritual, Tygers can proudly celebrate 40 years for NWOBHM. A compelling strong heavy metal album from the old tigers. The record is recorded in Denmark with Søren Andersen behind the mixing desk. Alone it guarantees heavy and good sound. Ritual is perhaps the coolest Tygers play since Spellbound and Crazy Nights from 1981. The 11 songs have what it takes to forge a melodic metal album. Each song has its own expression. Strong chirping, striking; but at the same time tough with raw riffs. Bold guitar solos and in front a super strong singer in Jacopo Meille, who has been in the tigers' claws since 2004. Even the inevitable 80s power ballad is included in the song "Words Cut Like Knives" starting with delicious soft guitar and pure song, but then gets a spark along the way with distortion guitar and solo during the song. Tygers Of Pan Tang still has sharp rock claws.

Stephen Rocky

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