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Italia Di Metallo - 'Tygers Of Pan Tang' Album Review

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Preceded by the single 'Only The Brave', which was also released the video, this eleventh and self-titled album of the English band is already on my desk for several weeks, but given that the official release is scheduled for October 21 I preferred to listen over and over again before deciding to write a review.
Needless to explain to you why a CD of an English band is reviewed on our virtual pages because I've done that before, and if you do not know that the voice is the very Tuscan Jacopo Meille time spent listening to the next melodic neo group and let these pages.
No more talk that the metal scratchy group of Albion part in the great with the aforementioned single, pure flame heavy metal canon son of NWOBHM of the band in question was one of the historic initiators. The job of slashing guitars of the historic leader Robb Weir and Micky Crystal is enhanced so overbearing, 'Only The Brave' is the single of the year with no ifs and buts, the nost Iacopo looms for his part, confirming one of the best d uvula 'tricolor gold metal. If good day starts in the morning this is shaping up as one of the best, if not the best album of the band's history.
The 'Dust' rhythmic sound still sees the pair of axes act with masterful skill, the piece combines heavy elements with other more rock failing to hit the mark firmly and maximum figures. Imposing the only half-track in a context where everything is manicured to perfection. In this regard, the disc was recorded at The Blast Studio Newcastle, then mixed by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp) in his Medley Studio.
Mid time to 'Glad Rags' that gives a nod to the band from the land of kangaroos with its toned blues riff hard rock in this case more aerosmithiano, exciting the central choir and tries to flawless usually the singer. Also great work of drummer Craig Ellis.
The sharp guitar intro introduces us to the virulent and classically speed 'Never Give In', a song that reflects the heavy metal band's final in which the voice is her right natural environment, the guitars grind riff on riffs and even work the bottom by Gav Gray assumes his task distinguishing itself more. We are four songs and not one that is not up to the task, let's move on.
My old heart of rocker can not droop in front of the intensity of 'The Reason Why', power ballad that goes straight to the target, to move, listen to just do not try and tell me if that sense of happiness to those who are well with himself but he remembers what might have been and has not been with a hint of nostalgia. pure magic.
If the romantic melodic side is not for you be patient, because the next 'Do It Again' takes you back to the reality of runaway energy, again the incessant rattle of guitars supported by the vigorous rhythm section that produces compact sound that distinguishes the old lions from their inception nearly 40 years ago.
Perticolare attention must 'I Got The Music In Me', why? The heavy sound of the quintet fact is corroborated by a lethal (in a good way) injection of funky and here may I say the great voice of our compatriot stands at the undisputed queen, he is indeed one that can sing anything. Returning to the track, while leaving the usual trend should be appreciated because of the desire to surprise and at the same time show that you can make great music even without necessarily remain anchored to its roots.
'Praying For A Miracle', how many times will happen to you winging metalheads? Well now you have your metallic psalm. The liturgy evolves, starting with calmness, then finding that powerful sound that is well suited to those who make the metal rock their faith and closes dreaming of better times never leaving the hope that the miracle come true. Beautiful.
It is introduced with extreme calmness 'Blood Red Sky' but the drum strokes foretell that it will not be like this forever and in fact the explosion of guitars and bass will soon give confirmation. We return to experience a more avant-garde sound, of course, always linked to the band's roots, but with an eye toward more evolved rock modernity, perhaps the piece less addictive but are personal tastes and in any case there is no voltage drop and soon after 'Angel in Disguise' is proposed as a second ballad that hurts my heart, not even two minutes in which condense important emotions, in which the mind is helped to dream, retracing moments of life left, great.
The drums roll, you get up from their chairs, he began to shake his head, shake your hips, bouncing all together Come on! The end is glowing with 'The Devil You Know' the Tygers Of Pan Tang greet their disciples crafting yet another gem metal rock that seals a flawless album for a band that is experiencing a second youth perhaps unthinkable 10/15 years ago . Overwhelming and exciting these are the Tygers Of Pan Tang!

Klaus Petrovic

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