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Metallus - Ambush Review

The Tygers return with a roar, or perhaps they never stopped. The new album by Tygers Of Pan Tang continues on from the recently released EP and full length "Animal Instinct", and is a concentration of positive energy from the first note to the last.

To any skeptics just listen to the instrumental riff-triggered intro and the leadership of the charismatic voice of Jacopo Meille in the opening song, which is not coincidentally called "Detonator", and makes you think again. The most nostalgic will find moments of pure emotion in discovering the album cover was designed by Rodney Matthews, who previously worked with the Tygers for the cover of "Crazy Nights", and that the excellent production is entrusted in the expert hands of Chris Tsangarides, whose name is a long-time linked to the NWOBHM and in particular to the Tygers.
Entering in more detail, the construction of the songs make it a great album throughout as there's not a moment's emotional rest.
The titles evoke speed, dynamism and strength including 'Man On Fire' and 'Burning Desire', the latter in particular being distinctly one of the best songs on the album, mainly because of its apparent tranquility that flows into an emotional chorus, one of the hallmarks of 'Ambush'.

The idea that emerges is that of a cohesive band, a sound alchemy, have a lot of great ideas to make available to their fans.

In short, it's difficult to find weak points in this next step in the career of the Tygers, who have scored here another hit, both in their personal career and in the history of classic European heavy metal. It's an album that will be appreciated on first listen and that you will continue to appreciate more and more over time.

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