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Metallus - 'Ritual' Review

If we think today of a classic hard rock band that is really in shape and churning out good records, in the end the names really are less than you think, and often Tygers Of Pan Tang are not taken into consideration, in the new reincarnation, carried out by the original member and guitarist Robb Weir, with the support of "our" Jacopo Melille, who has been part of the band since 2008 and with this "Ritual" comes to the fourth shared work (and twelfth of the band's discography).

The truth is that today's Tygers do not lack anything to be one of the true "new sensations" of the genre, because "Ritual" is an excellent record that contains eleven very good songs, produced by Fred Purser, mixed by Soren Andersen and mastered from Harry Hess, with exciting results, thanks to a sound that combines determination, an "analog" approach but completely in step with the times. Everything flows smoothly and full of positive vibrations, with great guitar riffs, brought by the creativity of the aforementioned Weir and his faithful companion Michael Crystal, the stainless rhythm section of Gav Gray (bass) and Craig Ellis (drums) and a crazy-shaped Melille both on medium / low and high tones (which are used more rarely), proving to be the right voice for the band, in every context it is used.

Here is the very solid riff of "World Apart" that opens up Ritual with classic and successful vibrations, and a dramatic and almost solemn atmosphere. "Destiny" proceeds slyly and offers the first catchy refrain of the record, followed by the mid tempo magnetic of "Rescue Me", heavy and melodic at the same time. "Raise Some Hell" does not take prisoners, fast and lightning, completely devoted to gems of the past like the album "Spellbound". "Spoils Of War" shows that you can create a tense and epic climax without great special effects and keyboards, focusing on a sharp sound, great vocal performance and guitar solos of great taste and feeling.

"Ritual" continues without any filler or filler, with the light but incisive melody of the single "White Lines", and an intense acoustic semi ballad "Words Cut Like Knives", which starts out very soft and then goes wild in a torrential and exciting electric finale . Without wanting to cite all the songs (and it would be the case, given the high quality of the songwriting), we mention the evocative ending with "Sail On", inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson and the life of the sailors in his novels, which offers a cross-section of great epic, and ends directly among the great classics of the band, with Jacopo Melille simply extraordinary.

"Ritual" offers itself as a remarkable slice of high-level hard rock, and Tygers Of Pan Tang remain a superb confirmation, giving us one of the best albums of their glorious career. The past is today!

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