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Metal Zone - Ambush Review

Tygers of Pan Tang, formed in 1978 in Whitley Bay, United Kingdom, was one of the great bands of the N.W.O.B.H.M. Only overcome by the kind of gold (Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Saxon), released two essential albums of the movement: "Wild Cat" in 1980 and "Spellbound" in 1981.

In 1981, they released "Crazy Night", the last with John Sykes on six strings. The next albums, "The Cage" in 1982 and "The Wreck-Age" of 1985, enjoy some success, but the band turn 180 degrees, tending to a Hard Rock with influences from American bands of the time. The very weak "Burning in the Shade" from 1987 is the password of the end of the band.

Driven by the triumphant return of Iron Maiden, with Bruce Dickinson on vocals, the band rises from the ashes in 2000. Launch the very good "Mystical" in 2001, but the weak "Noises from the Cathouse" of 2003, seems to seal the end of the band.

To everyone's surprise (including mine) the Tygers launch in 2008, the excellent "Animal Instinct". Propelled by the vocals of Italian Jacopo Meille and the guitars by Rob Weir and Dean Robertson, this album leaves no duty to classic "Wild Cat" and "Spellbound."

In a logical sequence of timing, launch in September 2012, "Ambush". For this album the band undergoes a single modification: Brian West exits, Gav Gray enters on bass. The other members, Jacopo Meille (vocals), Rob Weir and Dean Robertson (guitar) and Craig Ellis (drums) are very very sharp and interlocking.

Produced by none other than Chris Tsangarides (same as Painkiller Judas Priest's classic Spellbound and the band itself), "Ambush" is an album of Heavy Metal in the best style. With nearly fifty minutes, 11 tracks and no ballad it's a real treat for fans of Heavy Metal eighties.

All tracks are excellent, but the highlights are the opening track (classic opening track) "Keepin Me Alive", the energetic Hard Rock "One of a kind", "Play to Win" and "Mr Indispensable" (the most of all NWOBHM), and visceral "Hey Suzie" and "Mr Indispensable".

And so, as the vocals of Jacopo Meille add well to the band. Added the killer guitars Rob Weir and Dean Robertson and perfect production of Chris Tsangarides Ambush is one of the best of the year. Recommended to all fans of Heavy Metal or any living being with blood running in his veins. Excellent!!!

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