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MetalHead.it - 'Tygers Of Pan Tang' Album Review

Rating: 10 / 10

By: Luca Zakk

Tygers are a legend originated in the late '70s, ie before most of the old school still around and still be able to light the fire of the fans. Of course, many dissolutions and a long pause delete a persistence that would extend for 38 years, but its origins remain those and even the presence of a founding member Robb Weir, continuity between the then and the now. A day that sees the band in top form, with a line up quite stable (Jacopo Meille, coming from our country, remains the frontman as in the previous two albums) ... and damn explosive! You can browse through all the pages of the history of the band, you can mention all the similarities and similarities. It can be said or written a bit 'of everything, but a NWOBHM, hard rock and heavy metal album of this level, this effectiveness, beauty, perfection and power is very difficult to find, is among the new generation that among the historical names , whether they are classified as VIP, the underground or the middle ground! "Tygers Of Pan Tang", the eleventh album, is a metal concentrate, is the essence of hard rock ... a space hard, direct and damn effective! Try a superficaile listening, maybe two; then wait three days ... and there he is! The song that canticchierete in the shower or going to work will probably "Only The Brave" or "Glad Rags", eternally tattooed in your brain! "Only The Brave" is devastating: triggers a hysterical headbanging that you will hardly check, stop, put down ... while the singer thunders with passion and energy. "Glad Rags" is seductive, bluesy, splashed: the point of union between hard and heavy, with a deadly and a final crescendo refrain that redefines the groove. The power ballad "The Reason Why" shows mastery: a lesson in prestigious in key hard rock. Electrifying and compelling "I Got The Music In Me", followed by the melodic "Praying For A Miracle", a song with really well lush arrangements with various intelligent and attractive aspects facets, such as acoustic guitar drowned in heavy rhythmic distorted. Angry "Blood Red Sky" and the closing "The Devil You Know" greets with a hard rock violently overwhelming and scratchy. History shows that major successes, immortal ones, are basically good songs with the ability to imprint itself in the neurons, becoming an integral part of the mind, of thought, the history of an individual; Well, in this more than half tracks release boasts this feature, with the remainder of material always high, high, quality! An intelligent disk, complex but brutally straightforward: a metal that does not beat about the bush, does not hide between metaphors and dialectical labyrinths; This is a metal that pierces the skull and deposits the seed of a weed, impossible to eradicate. A metal that yells at you in your face what you have to say, taking you to slap, mancandoti of respect. Metal synthesis, summarized in its essence. A true aphorism of heavy metal!

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