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Métal Intégral - 'Tygers Of Pan Tang' Album Review

Rating: 20 / 20

Tackle a chronicle of a band like TYGERS OF PAN TANG, it's a bit like starting to climb the Himalayas... Necessarily, it's going to take very long.
And as I do not wish you to do too many pages on this new album (which is enough in itself !), I invite you to :

1/ immerse Yourself in the golden years (late 70' to today for a good number of groups...in the great adventure of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM for the uninitiated !)

2/ Enjoy the career of this fantastic group that has seen many great musicians in its midst, of which a certain John SYKES ! The latter seems to have participated in early 80 at the favorite period of the purists !

Like a PRAYING MANTIS, on her latest album, found The singer who had to give back the shiny chrome (the well-named John CUIJPERS), TYGERS OF PAN TANG is assistant services since 2004 to a singer quite exceptional, Jacopo THIRD.
This last makes me think by the time Mark RANKIN of GUN with treble and, therefore, octaves and more ! Awesome !
Obvious to my ears on the "cover" frankly successful I've Got The Music In Me, as the era of Motown, 1974, interpreted divinely at the time by Kiki DEE and written by Bias BOSHEL !!!

I don't know if there are other "covers" on this album, the organic label does not even talk about the latter... On the other hand, all publications may be of interest to fans of the fringe, AC/DC to GUNS n'roses, passing by AEROSMITH etc, and I want to say to all that is best in the melodic Hard Rock since the beginning of the style !

The album is so very varied and Robb WEIR, the only survivor of the training original has found an amazing inspiration, helped by Micky CRYSTAL ! The work is outstanding, with a rhythm section perfect, Gav GRAY-bass Craig ELLIS-drums & percussion.
If the group leads us in the meanders delicious melodic Hard Rock, (hard not to think of the best of AEROSMITH on Glad Rags), the group remembers its origins, and balance a few titles limits Heavy and therefore more powerful, listen to, for example, Never Give In !!!
The album is superbly balanced, between time powerful and more quiet, as with the ballad, The Reason Why, very NWOBHM !
I also love Praying For A Miracle which has a chorus very addictive !
I will see if I can glean other information upon receipt of the cd, in any case Mighty Music, the new label of the group has allowed Soren ANDERSEN (Glenn HUGHES, Mike TRAMP) to mix divinely to the album and Hary HESS (HAREM SCAREM) to offer a "mastering" with a huge sound !!!
Here it is, this album is heavy, melodic, exciting, nervous desire, and addictive !
The slap !

Author: Rémifm

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