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Musical News - Ambush Review (Review: Emanuel Gentile)

For certain groups time really does pass them by. Take for example, the Tygers of Pan Tang, a group who are a symbol of the NWOBHM. In business for over thirty years, but do not feel the passing of time. Indeed ... they run more than before!
When I came to know that the Tygers of Pan Tang had made their new album available I had to have a copy. A review on Musical News had to be done. You've got an album a day of Tygers of Pan Tang keeps the doctor away. Bring on a feeling of pure adrenaline that they don't tell you. Therefore, I wrote to Jacopo Meille (their Italian singer) and within days the postman made me a beautiful gift. The new album by Tygers of Pan Tang was finally with me! Listening immediately "Ambush". The magic of the legendary quintet albionico is always present. All the peculiarities that have made them so unique not only remain intact, but undergo a general treatment of chisel. In short, the Tygers of Pan Tang. All Right!

Some talk of Tygers of Pan Tang as to reread the great history of British heavy metal to which the group has given so much as a popularity that far more technical. The group was founded in 1978 by Jess Cox (vocals), Robb Weir (guitar), Richard "Rocky" Laws (bass) and Brian Dick (drums). Starting out playing in Working Mens Clubs. After the usual mess were put under contract by Neat Records that came immediately after the powerful major RCA. For the types of these was published in 1980 that "Wild Cat" considered by many people one of the posters of NWOBHM. The album reached number 18 in the UK charts! John Sykes joined the band, and was present on two albums: "Spellbound" (1981) and "Crazy Nights" (1982). This album had a great success with audiences and critics.

Called to audition for Ozzy Osbourne, John Sykes left the band to be replaced by Fred Purser. The band released another album "The Cage" that sealed the break with the label accused of failing to adequately support the new release. For a few years the group stopped its activities to resume between 1985 and 1987. During this time they published "The Wreck-Age" that did not go at all well and the band and was forced to disband again. Only in 1999 the Tygers of Pan Tang reformed with a line-up in condominium with the Blitzkrieg, other NWOBHM heroes. In 2001 they published "Mystical" on Z-Records. Although the album was well received the label ended their contract due to poor sales. In the meantime produce a split commemorating with Girlschool and Oliver/Dawson Saxon. 2004 was the year of the release of "Noises in the Cathouse" with Richie Wicks. The same year they replaced Wicks with Italian Jacopo Meille from Florence. Four years later it was the turn of "Animal Instinct". In 2011 the Tygers of Pan Tang sign with Rocksector for which the newest types "Ambush".

The lineup which has recorded and produced "Ambush" is as follows: the national pride (sometimes let me be nationalist) Jacopo Meille on vocals, Robb Weir and Dean "Deano" Robertson on guitar, Gav Gray on bass and Craig Ellis on drums. "Ambush" is a typical album by Tygers of Pan Tang. In what sense? The group has always been known for its loud and energetic rock 'n' roll played very fast. However, these features are played entirely in "Ambush". However require some clarifying. The sound is now more mid-tempo. There is a greater feeling that the harmonic pieces a beautiful epic vein. The guitar licks are trying to balance power with speed. And they succeed big time. The rhythmic base provides a valuable work of glamour that allows the sound to be more varied and dynamic. On all stands the voice of Jacopo Meille that from a very important contribution to the overall sound economy of Tygers of Pan Tang. A moment is reflexive. Another "rough". A more powerful. A great singer? Surely. I want to mention all of the songs on the album: "Keeping me Alive", "These Eyes", "One of a Kind", "Rock & Roll Dream", "She", "Man on Fire", "Play to Win", "Burning Desire", "Hey Suzie", "Mr. Indispensible" and finally "Speed". Eleven tracks of true British heavy rock!

The Tygers are back. A word of advice be pure scratching. Tiger scratches have never endangered anyone. Have been around since 1978 and the time seems to have passed. For nothing. What is the secret of all these bands arose in the 1970s and who enjoy a freshness and vitality that is often lacking in the younger groups. Whatever good vibes with your Tygers of Pan Tang "!

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