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Music Waves - 'Ambush' Review

For those who do not know, Tygers Of Pan Tang are a group belonging to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, like Saxon, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. It enjoys a reputation far less, though had a career quite honourable especially in the 80s. It counted among its members John Sykes who is appeared in Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake. It is not here partridges year but the continuation of a process of reformation began in 2001 after almost 15 years of absence. This period guitarist Robb Weir only ensures the continuity of the group.

"Ambush" starts with 'Keeping Me Alive' with good old memories of this movement with its characteristic riffs, sense of very sharp, rock melody, and the singing and solos very classic. The tradition of the good old British heavy metal is well respected but with a modern production and very efficient and rich singing held by Jacopo Meille. The vocalist has a very clear voice, clear itself, reminiscent of Coverdale. He knows to modulate his voice perfectly and with enthusiasm. This is particularly true of 'She', which is certainly one of the greatest successes of the album. The album also gives us the opportunity to hear a little bass solo from Gavin Gray who knows how to roar his instrument on 'Rock & Roll Dream'.

The drumming by Craig Ellis does the job on the entire album and while guitar veteran Weir and Dean Robertson don't offer much originality, it remains quite effective even pleasant. Tygers Of Pan Tang have no ambition to invent anything on "Ambush" but they've not hung like a mould on a rock to their good old recipes. They've turned to a more hard FM, hyper melodic style as we remember Guns N 'Roses did and like 'Speed ' served by a flamboyant singer.

In the end the energy is there and this album is very pleasant to listen to. Chris Tsangarides production allows the quintet make a very clean album with songs that should be appreciated live. A great success ...

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