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Musika.be - 'Ambush (2020 Reissue)' Review by Luc Ghyselen

The British Tygers Of Pan Tang was founded in 1978 and was quite successful during the glory days of NWOBHM thanks to great albums such as "Wild Cat" (1980) and "Spellbound" (1981). After that it went a bit less and in 1984 the curtain fell for the first time. But the band had left again for a few months before finally quitting in 1987. It seemed forever this time. But that was counted without guitarist Robb Weir. The musical microbes kept itching and in 1999 he emerged with a completely new line-up of Tygers Of Pan Tang. A new full-album, "Mystical" (2001) did not do badly, but it was mainly the live concerts that ensured that the band did not fall into oblivion. Albums like "Noises From The Cathouse" (2004) and "Animal Instinct" (2008) did not really attract attention, so we had to wait for a sequel. "Ambush", originally released in 2012, did what the previous albums were unable to do and generated widespread interest in the band. After that it only went upwards thanks to very nice concerts where oldies like "Spellbound" still demand a big role, but where the newer work also quietly demands a place. With the self-titled album from 2016 and its successor "Ritual" (2019), Tygers Of Pan Tang continues to get high marks and already enjoyed a lot of fans of traditional heavy metal, NWOBHM style. In order to keep the band in the spotlight, it was now decided to relaunch "Ambush". The original album was remastered before that, the liner notes were expanded with extra lyrics from the band members and three live versions of songs were added to the album, so you can also get an impression of what the “Tygers” sound like today, and one song that just didn't make it to the original album. Anyone who, for whatever reason, passed up this 'Ambush' in 2012, will now get a great opportunity to add this work to his / her collection. I would say: do not hesitate too long because each of the songs on this album radiates strength and energy without sacrificing melody. Bass and drums provide the solid foundation, the guitar work is great and the vocals sound strong: you really don't need more when it comes to traditional heavy metal.

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