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Obliveon, Germany - 'Ambush (2020 Reissue)' Review
by Ludwig Lücker

The TYGERS OF PAN TANG should be known to every Metal Head who has even remotely dealt with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal - actually everyone. The Tygers had their very own, very melodic style that was somewhere between hard rock and melodic metal. Mighty Music has decided to put the hardworking men from the United Kingdom 2012 back out. To what extent this is absolutely necessary for a disc that is only eight years old is beyond my knowledge, but the re-release has been 'pimped up'. The disc was remastered and provided with detailed liner notes from all band members. There are also four bonus tracks in the form of a studio outtake of 'Cruel Hands of Time' and live versions of 'Keeping Me Alive', 'These Eyes' and a demo version of 'Rock'n'Roll Dream' that are also on the turntable. And tracks like 'One of a Kind', 'Man on Fire', 'Play to Win', 'Mr. Indispensable' and 'Speed' are more than successful rockers anyway. Anyone who calls 'Ambush' their own must consider whether the added value mentioned may be worth buying again; if you don't own the disc yet and are a fan of the NWoBHM, you can confidently grab it outside of the actual time of the wave, despite the late release date.

8/10 points

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