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Metalist Magazine's Animal Instinct x 2 Review

This group resulting from the NWOBHM .. .. (first album in 1980) continues its journey with a wonderful discography under his belt and some changes in its line-up over the years. Found in the current line-up guitarist Robb Weir, founding member, and Dean Robertson (guitar), Craig Ellis (drums) and Brian West (bass) arrived for the album "Mystical" in 2001, considered the return of group on the front of the stage. In song, a newcomer Jacopo Meille after Tony Liddell on this album of 2001 and Richie Wicks on the mic 'Noises From The Cathouse "the album of 2004, the latest as well as two live" Live In The Roar "in 2003 and" Leg Of The Boot - Live In Holland "in 2005, emerged from ANGEL AIR RECORDS. This new album is much more direct than its predecessor and sees the band evolve into a Heavy / Hard Rock, which has its roots in the years 70/80. The new singer has adapted well to the group and his voice without excesses in acute sticks to the music, well paced, dynamic typing and doing foot. Many riffs like on "Live For The Day" mix of AC / DC and Deep Purple, taking the "Winners & Losers" to the big guitars and "Dark Rider", but also sustained rhythms on the excellent "Let It Burn "with choirs and on the heavier of them all" Bury The Hatchet ". We noted a general atmosphere in the LYNYRD SKYNYRD, and especially the guitars on "Devils Find A Fool". All these titles are cut to live without forgetting the blocks that are "Hot Blooded" with its beautiful guitar, its multiple melodies and song, and the beautiful "Sweet Cry Freedom" in unstoppable melodic chorus and the intro solo BLUE OYSTER CULT. The bonus tracks reserve good surprises like the excellent "Do not Say Rock N 'Roll's Gonna Die" where Robb serves a small number giving a beautiful look under. This CD is complete with a DVD containing 11 tracks "Live From Berlin Studios, a fine performance with" Hellbound "in a beautiful opening sequence and" Slave To Freedom "and" Euthanasia ". Also included on this DVD, other extracts of Live in Europe 2007/2008, at 4 dates. Tygers of Pan Tang (that's a name!) Can only meet her fans interested and many others with this dual CD / DVD that deserves careful listening as the foundation of great Heavy / Hard Rock are real and brilliantly performed on fluid and exciting titles. The class definitely. Let the word go!

Cerbadd / ODYMETAL

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