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Popsfera - 'Ritual' Review

Tygers of Pan Tang is one of the British Heavy Metal New Wave (NWOBHM) seminal bands. Formed in 1978 in England, they failed to become as well known as Saxon or Iron Maiden, but remained active until 1987 when they dispersed. In 1999, they gathered and went on the road, recording records of unquestionable quality.

The new album, Ritual, is a good example of how the years are good for a band. It contains all the main features of Tygers, with all the great qualities that the 21st century offers, starting with production. The sound quality is excellent, guitarist (and only remaining founding member) Robb Weir has a memorable performance, delivering riff after riff, accompanied by the same lineup as the previous record - which is very positive when we think of mingling.

Given that this is the thirteenth record of the band in the studio, it is amazing how they can keep the formula simple, without excesses or fuss to "show that they know". No, popnauta. Maybe there is no need to say. "Worlds Apart", "Spoils of War", "Damn You!" And "Raise Some Hell" are practical examples of grabbing the listener by the neck and saying "WE'RE BACK!" With propriety. Not to mention sounds like "Rescue Me" and "White Lines" with their catchy tunes, the ballad "Sail On" seasoning the mix and all the energy of "Love Will Find a Way" and "The Art of Noise."

It's no easy task for a band these days to stay on the road and record good albums if it's not one of the big names in vogue. Tygers has never been first-tier, but it shows in Ritual that its shoulders are above newcomers and even other NWOBHM bands that have disappeared over time. In a year that we've had a great Angel Witch release (check out the review by clicking on this link), it's great to see that the style is still alive and that the big names of the past are still carrying the torch without showing signs of tiredness or stagnation. May forty more years come for the Tygers!

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