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Long Live Rock 'n' Roll - 'Ritual' Review by Andrea Pedriali

With a little delay on the release date of the album, I am going to review the new work of the Tygers Of Pan Tang.
It's been a while since 'Wild Cat' the British band's first historic album dated 1980, a lifetime or so. A little bit of everything happened to the Tygers: success, falls, dissolution, the inevitable reunion and various line-up changes, this too is rock'n’roll.

Since 2001, the year of publication of 'Mystical', the British band has found a certain stability and continuity despite some small changes in the line-up (now the only original member left is the guitarist Robb Weir) which has allowed her to produce remarkable albums like 2008 Animal Instinct and 2012 Ambush.
‘Ritual’ is the scratchy new album of this important and in some ways underrated band, a product that also thanks to the finally stable line-up manages to sound truly convincing in its union between heavy metal and hard rock.

The beginning is pretty cool with 'Worlds Apart' angular in the instrumental and melodic part in the vocal melody by Jacopo Meille, who has now become a fundamental element in the band's economy. As previously mentioned, the more rock and cheeky soul of the Tygers blends very well with a melodic vein that never ends in the commercial or in the banal, but rather completes and smoothes certain edges and certain reminiscences of the first period.
The persuasive and soft 'Destiny', 'Rescue Me' and the intense 'Raise Some Hell' are an example, several sides of the coin that best represent today's Tygers Of Pan Tang. 'Ritual' is a disc full of material with excellent potential such as the square 'Spoils Of War', the first single 'White Lines' or 'Words Cut Like Knives' a slow that once again enhances the tonality and the warm timbre and embracing singer Jacopo Meille (remember that he played in Mantra and Mad Mice among others).
What I like about the Tygers is not having forgotten the origins and a certain way of playing, even if it has updated the right, as happens in one of the best pieces of the album, 'Damn You!' Vintage heavy metal certainly ideal for warm your spirits live.
The final part of the album maintains a very high level in terms of quality with the scratchy hard rock of 'Love Will Find A Way' very eighties and the seven and a half minutes of 'Sail On' the least immediate song of the lot, from listen several times, which demonstrates the class of these musicians.

I am very happy to be able to talk today about a historic band like the Tygers Of Pan Tang, a name that has been able to renew itself without distorting its true essence and that I hope has finally found the right squaring of the circle, I refer to the formation.
‘Ritual’ is a great modern hard & heavy album, a must have.

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