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Rock Castle Franken  - 'Ritual' Review by Kerbinator

Outstanding, tech-savvy musicians, a brilliant singer, top-notch songwriting and the resulting timeless songs needed an album that could be described as outstanding. All this includes Tygers Of Pan Tang's "Ritual" new album. If you do not compare it to the band's 80's exploits like "Spellbound" or "Wild Cat," the British have just released their best recent album.

For what sounds out of the speakers, "Ritual" is without question one of the absolute highlights of the fading music year. Original member and guitarist Robb Weir and his men have done great things with this work and should inspire anyone who loves traditional Heavy Rock / Metal. So there's this great musician Robb Weir, his guitar sidekick Michael Crystal, bassist Gav Gray and drummer Craig Ellis, who are so outgoing with the 11 new songs that it's a real pleasure. And then the Tygers have since the 2008 album "Animal Instinct" singer Jacopo Meille, who sensibly refined the songs on "Ritual" sustainably. Simply ingenious, with which superb vocal color he performs. Whether in quieter passages or as a melodic shouter ... Jacopo is undoubtedly one of the best in his field.

But why is "Ritual" the best album of the Tygers Of Pan Tang of modern times? Well, because the third point, the songwriting, this time from the beginning to the end is convincingly fluid and impulsive. Every single track has its very own moments and it follows that "Ritual" never gets boring, but you want to hear the album over and over again. Rhythms and riffs are of a quality that is only found in bands like Saxon and also a bit reminiscent of them. Even the opener "Worlds Apart" comes over you with such a force, that the intensity almost crushes you. Similar Heavy Rock Smashers are delivered with "Damn You!" Or "Art Of Noise". But to the kneel down is the slightly US-oriented goose bumps chunk "Rescue Me", which completely flattered by a lot of reverb-based vocals and ingenious chorus, as well as miracle hooklines. Even the fast-paced "Raise Some Hell" is not just fondled down loveless, but prepared in Tygers-kind and fired at the ears. With "Words Cut Like Knives" and "Love Will Find A Way", the band then integrates the aforementioned quieter moments, although here we are in no way dealing with purebred ballads. From time to time short sound effects are woven into the songs. A talkbox sounds a few times, exciting and mysterious, for example, the hard "Spoils Of War" initiated. Rifle bursts sound, speakers document ... everything staged thrilling, without endangering the essences of the songs. Finally the band has a real epic with "Sail On". Over 7 minutes remind you almost of the blessed Ronnie James Dio. A worthy conclusion of a sensational album.

If you do not already feed on the legendary NWOBHM times, the Tygers Of Pan Tang would have to be attested with "ritual" that they have now reached the zenith of creation. It's hard to play such music in the intersection of heavy rock and traditional metal and in my opinion this album belongs to the top group without any ifs and buts. If time were not so fast-paced today, we would be talking about a classic in "Ritual" in a few years. Count on it !!

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