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Rockfarbror  - 'Ritual' Review by Thomas Cedergren

Tygers Of Pan Tang are back with a new fantastic album. The British heavy metal band Tygers Of Pan Tang, which comes from Whitley Bay, was formed in 1978 and they are usually mentioned together with Iron Maiden, Saxon and Motörhead. After all, it has not been a dance on roses for Tygers Of Pan Tang and the band has been down at times, including for a ten-year period beginning in the late 1980s. However, since 1999 they have been fully active again.

Wild cat (1980) / Spellbound (1981) / Crazy nights (1981) / The cage (1982) / The wreck age (1985) / Burning in the Shade (1987) / Mystical (2001) /
Noises from the cathouse (2004) / Animal instinct (2008) / Animal instinct x2 (2009) / Ambush (2012) / Tygers Of Pan Tang (2016) / Ritual (2019)

It took time for Tygers Of Pan Tang to get the songs together for Ritual. Among other things, they were forced to postpone the studio time on two occasions, but now that the result is here it can hardly be called into question ...

Worlds apart / Destiny / Rescue me / Raise some hell / Spoils of war / White lines / Words cut like knives / Damn you! / Love will find a way / Art of noise / Sail on

The album was produced by former Tygers Of Pan Tang guitarist Fred Purser in Trinity Heights studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Søren Andersen mixed the songs at Medley Studios in Copenhagen. Behind the mastering is Harry Hess (Harem Scarem). They have helped Tygers Of Pan Tang to get a syllable plate because that is exactly what Ritual is. It is a heavy metal plate of the highest class. It is heavy, greasy and porky, but at the same time it is melodious and the rhythm section makes it fucking groove in song after song. Then it is seasoned with lovely guitar solos. For someone who doesn't really like rock hard metal, this really tastes yummy! We have some really cool songs in Rescue me and Spoils of war. They are heavy, but at the same time it is melodic and fucking swing. Then you can't stop listening! White lines, Raise some hell and Damn you! are other songs almost feel like ass kicks in the chest! There are also songs where Tygers Of Pan Tang slows down the tempo and certain fan sounds Destiny, Rescue me and Love will find a way just as good. There is also room for the ballads Words cut like knives and Sail on. Tygers Of Pan Tang gets along with a bit of everything. There are so many strong songs and such a beautiful modern sound that Tygers Of Pan Tang's Ritual sails on the list of this year's best albums!

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