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Rockgarage (Italy) 2016 Best Album Awards

Among the shining stars of the NWOBHM are the Tygers of Pan Tang, a band born in North East Britian in 1978. Between pauses for reflection, moments not happy about the gender and changes in the line-up, here we are 2016; the dedication towards heavy remains unchanged. The Tygers Of Pan Tang face again on the music market, with a new, self-titled album, a real challenge.
From the first notes of this new full length, I appreciate the desire with which the band, no longer youngsters, presents to the public; bands like Tygers Of Pan Tang are an example for the younger ones. This record has well-defined sounds, thanks to a sound production where certainly the excellent caliber of the band technique is simplified and not just the work of technicians. It starts with Only The Brave, which features the song vividly linking 80’s, definitely one of my favourites, although I anticipate that there will be absolutely simple judgments displayed from the podium, each song plays a leading role. The next, Dust abandons for a moment the sound to embrace British AOR sound of overseas style, while Glad Rags is exactly half, providing a hard rock performance, excellent.

The energetic Never Give In reminds us that pure metal was born on British soil, adrenaline fused riffs and grooves of the past accompany us to the chorus that cuts through the song, between the sacred and the profane with a melody that is not easily forgotten. Years ago, we were taught that in every hard 'n' heavy album to respect there must be a ballad present , a moment that brings you the most true feelings, the ones that come straight from the heart; this is known by the Tygers Of Pan Tang and can still excite us with the evocative The Reason Why. We relaxed, our thoughts have gone beyond, out of the room of our mind, but again we are literally overwhelmed by the fury of the British band, first with Do It Again, then I Got The Music In Me, this song, last leading a wave of joy among the notes to be attributed to rematching the South. Praying For The Miracle’s calm waters make us think again, dragged by a chorus of excellent workmanship, as well as a eulogy for the solos, given by Robb Weir, guitarist and founder of the band. This new effort license plate Tygers Of Pan Tang convinces me more, there are no tracks weak, confirming what a lively riff is the introduction of Blood Red Sky, another bigwig.

I'm nearing the end of the full length, before closing appreciate once again the vocal abilities of compatriot Jacopo Meille the item, really good its fortified benefit to the tune of Angel In Disguise. The album closes in the best way, Devil You Know is a song that contains all the sounds of the band, in their clear style and mentality linked all hard'n'heavy. Say no more, no doubt about it, these are the Tygers Of Pan Tang, just this name makes you run to your store with confidence, this record you must not miss. Our top greeting!

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