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Rock Hard - Ambush Review

We foresaw during our return to Sweden Rock last summer, the very good provision of Tygers Of Pan Tang during this festival and a first listen of two new titles had put us the flea in the ear: should be counted on the new album from the NWOBHM veterans. True, tell their previous album, Animal Instinct (2008), yet out of almost confidential way, us had also arrested, because already well armed in very good titles, and we discover Italian vocalist Jacopo Meille, more worthy successors of Jon Deverill (our vocalist favorite of the Tygers, even if some remain attached to most rocky side of Jess Cox).

With a line-up finally solid and many concerts under their feet (don't kid yourself, even if we are far removed from their glory years, Tygers trace the road very regularly and not only in England). Robb Weir, the last original gang member, can proudly present one of the best albums of the Tygers, all periods combined. And it is not here access of nostalgia, motivated by the return of their historic producer behind the console (famous Chris Tsangarides), or that of their fetish Illustrator (Rodney Matthews, who had directed the superb cover of Crazy Nights in 1981). No, Ambush is simply an excellent album issued by a solid education who knows what she's talking about in terms of classic rock.

There is quite simply not a bad title on this disc, beginning by the supported "Keeping Me Alive" and "These Eyes", that got us in the swing of it when we heard them live in Sweden. Riffs of 'She', 'Play To Win', ' Rock' & Roll Dream ' or 'Mr Indispensable', the irresistible chorus of 'Man On Fire', the aptly named 'Speed', the most heavy and threatening 'Burning Desire', vaguely commercial "One Of A Kind" and finally the bouncy "Hey Suzie', which resurrected the character of Suzie, immortalized on one of the first single of the Tygers "Suzie Smiled" (which the original riff is dragged at the very end of song) nothing is to throw on this exhilarating album. After years of wandering, of change in personnel, not indispensable live albums, Robb Weir, backed by quality training (including this Meille, a really compelling singer, and guitarist of Weir, Dean Robertson), can have the smile: not more than thirty years after his first, his favourite pet still looks great. Definitely, after the improbable as much as beautiful Angel Witch album earlier this year, survivors of the NWOBHM are getting a second youth. To not say that we'd only be lying!

Benji 8.5

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