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Rock Hard Magazine, Italy - 'Ambush (2020 Reissue)' Review by Stefano Cerati

Ambush was the second album recorded in 2012 with the voice of our Jack Meille who has refreshed the historic English group, interpreting that perfectly classic and rocky style that comes with NWOBHM.

Keeping Me Alive's warm and elegiac tone pairs perfectly with the riffs chrome by Robb Weir, a guitarist too often underestimated. The piece has groove, power and dynamics. These Eyes has parts sparkling where the solo flows fast and melodic, always one characteristic of the group, and Jack is the icing on the cake that gives the right emphasis, the bluesy pathos that enriches numbers like Rock'n'roll Dream or She.

Guitars travel with a little nostalgia and the sound is clearly inspired by the 80s but it is interpreted with great energy and production more modern and well defined. In Man On Fire and Burning Desire we hear Jack's Zeppelin influences with treble that blends well with the rocky and epic riffs, confident and bold like Play to Win.

This new edition remastered sounds even more punchy and offers four as a bonus tracks, including two live (Keeping Me Alive and These Eyes), an excerpt unpublished from the same recording session (Crue! Hands Of Time) and the demo version of Rock'n'Roll Dream.

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