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Rock Impressions (Italian Webzine) - Ambush Review

This new title is the second album by the new Tygers, of course the most famously known Tygers in 'Metal', and is a disk important to understand the value of their return. Firstly, the exciting artwork of Rodney Matthews brought back to me memories of many great albums and made me feel much younger. Secondly, I nearly had an heart attack when I read the name of the producer: Chris Tsangarides, who was in charge of the first two albums: now this is what I call a comeback. The line-up is almost unaffected by changing only the bass player Brian West, who has been replaced by Gavin Gray; the voice is still the powerful pipes of Jacopo Meille; the engine of course is always guitarist Robb Weir, who shares the job with Dean Robertson, while Craig Ellis is behind the drums.

The disc starts with an acoustic guitar and seems to betray the expectations but, it is only a fraction of a second before there are the roaring guitars and a riff as powerful and anthemic as ever, supported by the driving rhythm section and "Jack" ready to show off his voice better than ever. Everything runs like a dream "Keeping Me Alive" is an almost perfect opening song. "These Eyes" is less powerful but has the catchy melody taking the main role. "One of a Kind" is very melodic, the strength of heavy metal rock melts into a great class and denotes a vocation that the American-Tygers have never disdained. Drier and direct is "Rock & Roll Dream", nice bass line, this piece is just the rhythm section doing the lion's share ('tiger's ... oops!). "She" has a distinct start that reminds me of the Scorpions, but then the song takes a personal and compelling direction. "Man on Fire" has an intriguing line which branches off from the rest of the repertoire, built around blues, energised to capture intensity. There's an adrenaline rush again with "Play to Win", one of those songs that live forever. Then, time for "The Ballad" and here comes "Burning Desire" still very electric, but full of passion. "Hey Suzie" brings to mind the famous "Suzie Smiled", but does not have the same force - hey it's alway hard to compete with such a classic song - but the piece is not bad. "Mr. Indispensable" has a typical riff that captures you right away, finally closing with the fast" Speed", the right song for a headbanging sound.

The Tygers with this album prove they are in good heath and though 'Ambush' does not show any musical novelty it is confirmation that its the perfect album for all lovers of heavy rock. Since the 80's Heavy Metal has evolved and for this reason this album will sound more 'hard rock' for the new generations, but NWoBHM marked a revolution and the Tygers are among the groups who have led this revolution.

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