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Rock Metal Essence - Ambush Review

The Tygers launched a new ambush and, despite advancing in age (formed in 1978, in the middle of the NWOBHM era) are still as nimble and snappy as a back then. Ambush is the tenth studio album by legendary British Tygers Of Pan Tang, released in late September for the label Rocksector Records.
It is a pleasure to the ears to hear a historical band like this still remaining absolutely faithful to it's ideals and in line with its past without necessarily recycling verses or passages. The music from this British band is basically the same as their beginnings, true blood and heavy metal without any frills, direct and fierce and with a nice melodic style, which is reflected in the many catchy choruses and it's easy-listening. At the same time however, it's different, original, always unique, stunning in its sound and style, and inspiring in much of it's passage.
Dual guitarists Robb Weir and Dean Robertson intertwine their parts with extremely good taste, technique and feeling, accompanying each other between tight riffing and dizzying solos.
Jacopo Meille gives us an energetic vocal with emotions that alternate between a fresh yet heavy spirit, pure instinctive power throughout.
And then, the bass of Gavin Gray completely integrates perfectly with the drumming of Craig Ellis, varied and original throughout and with a huge produced sound which comes across splendidly.
We get eleven tracks and each as good as the other. 'Keeping Me Alive' is a cavalcade of pure rock covering decades of history, a mid tempo 'One Of A Kind'
full of energy and style. 'She' is amazing to taste, a great rhythmic chorus and riffing of the past, 'Play to Win' for the immediacy of its chorus and a great vocal, 'Burning Desire' for it's sonics and irrepressible power, solid as a rock all the way. It closes admirably with 'Speed', as the title clearly indicates its razor sharp and runs at a thousand per hour between solos and riffs played at full strength. What a spectacle!


Ambush is a thrilling and uplifting, incredibly fresh yet loyal to the old style metal standards. The Tygers do not get it wrong by a long a shot and show us again how much they deserved even greater fame. And you know what, from the moment its huge opener begins, young people should just sit, watch and learn the art.

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