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Rock Tribune Magazine, Belgium
- 'Ambush (2020 Reissue)' Review

The Tygers need no introduction.

Maybe the album "Ambush", because it has with the first release in 2012, despite the Chris Tsangarides stamp and Rodney Matthews cover.

Anyway, "Ambush" is one of the best Tygers records of the last 25 years. Although the last two records are also above average powerful. "Ambush" is full of great hooks, strong mid-tempo beats and Tyger Robb riffs. A perfect combination for a great heavy metal record where the fun drips off and is more infectious for the listener with every listen. At the start of the first song "Keeping Me Alive" you already know that the prize is. If in doubt, just start there.

This new re-mastered release comes in two colors of vinyl (500 pieces black and orange). Also as a digipack and download.

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