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Rock Overdose - Ambush Review

The Tygers Of Pan Tang are one of the leading and most important bands of the NWOBHM era and have succeeded, although never having received the deserved wider recognition, to survive through many decades to arrive at 2012 with a new album.

'Ambush' proves in the most emphatic way that the band not only alive and kicking but gives us a great album which is a flawless specimen of hard rock we will enjoy and love. Each composition manages to stand at a very high level, there's not a weak song among them. The songs are powerful, tight with a great job done on guitars, along with beautiful melodies, all at a rate that holds your interest. With neither complicated nor intricate parts, the music is direct and easily digestible by the listener without being simplistic or unoriginal.

Maintaining elements from the past, they've adapted without giving in to fads and commercial demands, they create a fusion resulting in a combination of rock n' roll and hard rock, a recipe that would envy many contemporary bands of the genre. Most certainly the experience of these new tracks, topped with Italian singer Jacopo Meille who performs to the max, is a true asset and gives the best credentials to newcomers.

They've managed to create an album that so far, even after the many times I've heard it, time and again it always makes me feel good and lift spirits. No one could disagree how important this is for a release.

Well, old loyal fans and younger, the Tygers of Pan Tang are back and give us an excellent album.
You can invest in this with complete confidence.

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