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30.03.2017, Rome

The series "sometimes return", ipse dixit, we are again in the presence of a world heavyweight giant, which has drastically marked the international music scene for forty years and more today: we are talking about the Tygers Of Pan Tang, a historic band for the whole line that takes the name of NWOBHM, shared and marked the alternate events with acts like Grim Reaper, Angel Witch, Saxon, Iron Maiden and the more you put it! Just a few months after the release of their last great album (Tygers Of Pan Tang, released for Mighty Music at the end of 2016, of which you can read our review here - ndr), Albino's cats are back on our peninsula For three dates (to be precise on Thursday 30 March at Rome's Traffic Live on Friday 31 at the Prato Expo and to conclude on Saturday, April 1, at the Circolo Colony in Brescia - ndr). The relationship that always links the band to our beloved country is even more reinvigorated by the sparkling presence of Iacopo "Jack" Meille in voice, in the band for 12 years and with two excellent albums bearing the name of Animal Instinct (2008 ) And Ambush (2012), as well as the great contribution made by the new Micky Crystal to the six strings! In short, the combo headed by the founding founder, Robb Weir (guitar), thanks to the precious contribution of a rhythmic section composed of Craig Ellis (drums) and Gav Gray (bass), gave us once again the indelible emotions in Their first Italian date for a spring on Thursday, March 30 at Traffic Live in Rome, which once again proves to be one of the most receptive locations to welcome events of this magnitude! Given the premise, the reaction of the public capitol has proved to be a positive one, taking into account one midweek day: several hundred filled the room, especially the hordes of fancied fans of the British band, who tune in to excel all the hits they gave During the show of their heroes! A long and intense evening, in which we also had the chance to enjoy the varied sound proposals of the opening acts, which, with alternate events, have been able to sum up the souls of those present.

We go to the top of the evening, which brought us all together in the sign of Albino Tiger: the room is packed with young or older metalheads, ready to re-embrace the British quintet, their first Italian stage in this European tour supporting the new sparkling homonymous album, the 11th in the studio for precision. The long wait is immediately rewarded by the band's entry, which warmly greets us with the songwriting of their latest work, the debutant "Only the Brave", which presents us in a cohesive and in great shape since the first notes : After the sharp riff introduced by the master-mind and founder of Robb Weir (guitar), we are immediately charmed by the fantastic joke of the good Jacko Jack Meille (voice), which once again reveals the true baton, unveiling his unusual charge ! The audience responds to all the incessant invitations of our compatriot, singing the refrain of the following "Love Don't Stay", which catapulted us back in the time of thirty-five years (1982 Crazy Nights), as well as the next inevitable "Gangland" (From 1981 Spellbound), on which all the Traffic is released in support of the incisive solo of the new entrant Micky Crystal (guitar), which shows itself in the height of the difficult role played, the same as once was a certain John James Sykes! After this brief but intense dive in the past, he returns, though only momentarily, to the present with the apocalyptic "Blood Red Sky", from their latest record, and it is made up of sharp and sinister riffs, masterfully profited by the award-winning Weir / Crystal firm on the six strings, while our Iacopo is again fundamental, both in the song and in the lyrics, being a song of its composition. But as we said before, it's just a short return to the present, because the next pair of "Do It Good" rock and the inevitable "Euthanasia" (from their 1980s Wild Cat debut) are the ideal match for any An outspoken fan of the English tigers who are respected: in spite of the fact that we are dealing with songs of almost forty years of history, their execution and the boldness shown in their proposals and to say nothing of shocking, making them feel fresh and arrogant as ever, Dear Robb, who with a return to the scenes just over ten years ago with a new training, has cleverly been able to choose the most suitable components for this new fantastic Tygers training, worthy of the good times that were! Returning to our days for the memo, we are offered the execution of one of their last singles, probably the most successful grace also for a nice video clip with beautiful girls: "Glad Rags" is a great hit Will probably become a must in all the future tiger concerts, able to beat our hands over time in addition to chanting the easy-going chorus, to which Jack has repeatedly sang in a song very close to the best Plant of Time 'or, assisted by all the other members in the choirs! Our compatriot is perpetually involved in a swap of jokes with the audience, and in particular with his friend Giovanni Loria (a historical editor of Classixx Metal - ndr) present among the first files, with whom he jokes on several occasions, while introducing us One of the indelible songs for each of us's ears: "Take It", which he tells us was the track with which he was chosen at the time by the band during his audition. Now we go to the second single of the last work, the cutting edge "Never Give In", supported by the scratching riffs of the historic Robb, an authentic riff creator, as Iacopo confirms in person: the work of the rhythmic section is as always remarkable , Especially that of the dynamite Craig Ellis (drum), with the band since 2001, a fundamental member for both drumming precise and pounding, and to be often the author of the lyrics. Small step back and go back to the previous Ambush (2012), from which the opening song "Keeping Me Alive" is re-released before returning to their golden age with a pindaric flight on the roaring notes of "Don't Stop By" , On which our Jack proves to be always at the place that deserves it, and which was once covered by Mr. John Deverill.

But there is no time to refuse to jump on the overwhelming revolutions of the "Raised On Rock" tunes, one of my favorite pieces, as well as the entire Crazy Night album, much underestimated at the time and surely among the More representative of those years, as well as the following "The Devil You Know" is representative of what today are the new Tygers, full of energy, melody and so much class!

And so we move on to the epilogue of this unforgettable set, without obviously forgetting of the classic classics, ubiquitous in every group stage: it starts with the famous "Hellbound", which is fiery as usual, and then goes on with the other "Suzie Smiled" pearl on which we appreciate more than ever the debuting rhythm designed by bearded Gav Gray (bass), he is also very involved from start to finish of the show. The last two songs are instead of two historical covers: the first "Love Potion # 9", which is a very personal revision of The Clovers song, while at the end of the evening there is a fast and devastating version of "Tush "Of ZZ Top, which puts an end to a difficult performance to forget as it's seen and appreciated in person! The applause reserved to our goodwill is not to be waited for, and they are thrilled with jokes, together with jubilee ovations, while all five members thank us for all the affection and support they have demonstrated to us, after meeting us for the greetings soon. Autographs and photos with all fans!

Another fantastic evening, from beginning to end with intensity and passion, to document a more unique event that is rare in the Capital, especially if you are ahead of a heavier world giant such as the Tygers Of Pan Tang who have been shown Again outstanding musicians, enviable entertainers as well as special people, seeing the affection and affection reserved, both before and after the concert! A special thanks goes to Traffic Live, Erocks Production and SoundsRocks, which as always have always been available to us, but above all a trio winning in events of this magnitude that we all hope to see with more continuity in the Eternal City!

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