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Carioca Club, São Paulo, Brazil. March 2016:

By Angelo Costa Saggio.

A show history occurred on the last day 13 March here in São Paulo. The Legends Picture and Tygers Of Pan Tang, two icons of traditional metal, came to a tour South America, passing by many Brazilian cities.

The Picture came to Brazil for the second time in their career, being the first in 2014. The band played new releases and classics since 1980, as "Picture" (1980), "Heavy Metal ears" (1981), "Diamond Dreamer" (1982) and "Eternal Dark" (1983).

The current line-up is composed of Pete Lovell on vocals, a legend that recorded "Eternal Dark" and "Traitor" in the years 80 and 2009 here, "Old Dogs New Tricks' in addition to "Warhorse". In the guitars, Andre Wullems since 2013 and Mike Ferguson since 2012 and closing, with two legends that founded the band, Rien Vreugdenhil on bass and Laurens Bakker on drums. Are spreading the album "Warhorse", launched in 2012.

The Tygers Of Pan Tang came our lands for the first time. Since 1978 are in the history of music heavy, being one of the most striking names of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the same season that other legends have emerged as Iron Maiden, Venom, Def Leppard, Saxon, Diamond Head, Hell, Jaguar, and Lionheart, Raven, Cloven Hoof, Grim Reaper, Girlschool, Satan,Tank, Blitzkrieg Witchfinder Praying Mantis, General and Witchfynde and other that served as the influence to multiple bands including Metallica, for example.

The band has won more notoriety when guitarist John Sykes entered in the albums "Spellbound" and "Crazy Nights", both of 81 and has lent his talent with his riffs of technique and weight. Then, would do more name in other legends like Badlands, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake.

The only remain original guitarist is Robb Weir, others are Micky Crystal on guitar since 2013, Italian Jacopo Meille on vocals, pouring out high notes since 2004, Gavin Gray on bass since 2012, ex Blitzkrieg and ex The Almighty and closing with Craig Ellis on drums since 2000.

It was a dream of a large majority to hear sounds of the classic "Wild cat", 1980, "Spellbound" and "Crazy Nights" 1981, apart from "The Cage", 1982. In addition to the classics were songs from the great firecracker "Ambush, 2012 which has extremely addictive melodies.

The show…

At precisely 7pm the curtains opened. The crowd smiled to the roar of the Tigers intro and the first chord of "Euthanasia" were the madness and the refrain of this classic still more, showing their classic riffing and full of melody.

The Hard heavy of much efficiency came with "Love Don’t Stay", a song full of technique with beautiful solos and Jacopo hauling literally with great presence of stage.

And there came the classic "Gangland", with its unforgettable riff, was only celebrate making air guitar and sing raucous, and with the most emotional crowd on earth yelling "Tygers". Robb announced "Wild Catz', another big sound, leading into, without words, other songs in sequence as "Rock 'n' Roll Man" and "Never Satisfied", showing a band focused and full of energy.

In sequence, the “title song from Ambush arrived with "Keeping me alive", with an efficient and riff Jacopo giving a show of interpretation.

Jacopo announced one more lesson of metal with "Killers", a fantastic song by the band with a great presentation. Following, began "Rock Candy", perfect to ignite the crowd even more, with Jacopo showing that knows how to take the audience in hand.

All friendly, they asked for the audience to sing birthday congratulations to Micky Crystal following with the announcement of “Don’t Stop By" that has a powerful riff and remarkable song of the "Spellbound”, followed with the combination of "Insanity" and "Suzie Smiled", a tune that captivates with its riff and progress. That phase this metal that does not turn more, with sounds very feeling and soul, receiving deserved applause.

Jacopo introduced the classic sound of "Crazy Nights" and “Raised on Rock", immersive riffs that the audience celebrated with lots of headbanging. Jacopo commanded so immersive presentation and said "now is with Mick" that has made a fine ground and the bridge to "Hellbound", a class metal, perfect song.

Their encore continues with the classic “Don’t Touch Me There” showing this formation is a band that completely pleased the audience.

Jacopo presented the band and commanded the ultimate night that came with the captivating and quick "Love Potion No. 9", cover the band The Clovers, one of the best performances by a band with technique, maximum energy and charisma.

And thus, completed the presentation with the certainty that the metal has passed through here.

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