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Santomato Live/Radio Cicletta

Let's face it frankly: from a small village on the road between Pistoia to Montale one hardly, at first glance, one would expect a great concert with decibels, ripped jeans, scapellate and riffs that have made the history of heavy metal. And that's why the evening of 27 February to Santomato Live, for those who – like me – came from outside, is worth double: because the organizers, as well as choosing music that makes live beautifully, had the merit of making it live in a genuine original, somewhat unpredictable.

Start Sixty Miles Ahead, the Milan group that offers a metal – so is defined at the end of the exhibition – ' hard but clean '. Four components, nice synergy, classic heavy storylines, good presence on stage, the singer. In their favor lays the sober and sincere way with which, in the final greetings, demonstrate gratitude to headliners for having taken as a shoulder in their Austrian-Italian mini tour. The rock has always found the support bands.

And here they are, the Tygers of Pan Tang, pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, almost four decades and many lineup changes after but with the same desire to beat the foot and turn the head to the track was under the public stage. There is no time for skepticism by way, for nostalgic cliffs to the past; the attack with ' Gangland ' – a song which, if it had been sung by groups become more famous, probably now would be among the ten hard-rock songs most played of all time – shows that tigers ROAR again. Although the original lineup was only one component; Although second guitarist and bassist, when the band was formed, probably were not yet born. Music is a wonderful being, relay interpreters that occur in racing be good at carrying the baton.

The ladder focuses on classical pieces like ' Euthanasia ', ' Suzie smiled ' and ' Hellbound ', but not in scorn of most recent experience, as when, among the applause of the audience, the ' Rock candy ", excerpt from ' Animal instinct ', 2008. To break the pace of the exhibition, the interludes of Jacopo Meille, the talented and fiorentinissimo singer who enjoys ' immense power ' [cited above] to introduce the songs in a language that the other band members do not know. A Florentine at the microphone that was by Jess Cox and John Deverill: the best way to symbolize a Tuscany which not only supports it, but it is part of the nwobhm.

The concert goes on without bending. Some in the audience, unable to contain the position and rise from chairs scattered throughout the Hall, sbracciandosi and also doing eco to the group while ' Rock 'n' roll man. Closes with ' Keep me alive ' and with the inevitable ' Love potion number 9 ", cover of classicone rhythm 'n' blues of Clovers. The insistence of fans forced the band to get back onstage for a ' real ' bis; so, for the second time in the evening, the audience was able to enjoy the perfect shoe, almost prophetic, "Raised on rock".

Ultimately, an evening of good music, energy and harmony. The Tygers of Pan Tang, in 35 years since the birth of the nwobhm, they still want to unleash, and the audience of Santomato Live thanked their demonstration of presence, support and passion. Only advice local managers for the upcoming gigs: remove from below the stage chairs and tables. In my humble opinion, the only support the metal scene has proven to not need.

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