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Sdangher.com  - 'Ritual' Review by Simon Broglio

With the rainy season (and don't tell me I can't talk about "season" after a month or more of rain squalls, rains, floods and downpours) the experienced centaur, who wants to avoid getting rust on chrome, you know, remains adequately holed up to produce explosive fuels and listen to good music. This is the most reflective period, the one in which we change the tires and look for some nice disk to lift our spirits, so I too, undoubtedly part of the category mentioned, could not avoid the semi-lethargy. When I am in this phase it is hard that I wake up suddenly jumping up from the couch in my workshop / cave / cave, it takes something really cool to make me smile like an acceleration on the four hundred meters.

Good: the Tygers of Pan Tang have succeeded!

Historical group of the NWOBHM of the early eighties, returned in 2000 with a reunion of those that give hope to the old stainless metalheads. still mindful of that masterpiece that was their Spellbound, to name one (name it to some forty / fifty and you will notice a sudden improvement in their mood even today, although it came out in 1981) the Tygers of Pan Tang, band that takes its name from the saga of Elric the Necromancer of Moorcock (a guy who wrote really exceptional fantasy in the seventies and eighties and who collaborated with Hawkwind, a band in which he played such a Lemmy in his youth, to name just one) are very valid bishops of the metal, today as in the days of the English wave, without a doubt.

Well, already from some records of the recent past it was understood that these revived Tygers of Pan Tang had found with the new singer, our compatriot Jacopo Meille (who came from the Tuscan Mantra) a definite injection of vitality. Several titles prove the decisive success of the meeting between him and guitarist Robb Weir, soul of the band, which seems to have found all the verve of the past. Already from the memorable Animal Instinct of 2008 it was clear that the level of music proposed by the group was very high. Two interesting and pleasant jobs followed like Ambush and the anonymous Tygers of Pan Tang, but the new Ritual is really a bomb destined to surpass all this!

That 2019 was a good year for cult groups, we knew (I mention only the wonderful The Coffin Train by Diamond Head which I talked about a few months ago) but among the legends of the past that give this ritual no memorable blows fails to make a mark. A beautiful and intriguing cover, designed by Roberto Toderico, presents us with an attractive album right away.

Eleven pieces, one more beautiful than the other, of those that you want to sing already at the first listening. Powerful and enthralling as few, this record is, in my opinion, one of those that define the term Heavy Metal. With roots that sink in the tradition and a current sound, Ritual lets itself be discovered as it is listened to again and is one of those jobs that could easily pass and replay in my stereo making me always an enthusiastic equinid!

Try to hear a piece like Destiny, complex but never boring, and then tell me if it's not very high caliber music (I don't say it because it starts with an engine, I'm not so biased).

Tell me if with a song like Whites Lines you don't want to jump in the saddle and run until the cylinders burst, these are the things that make me remember what I really like to die for!

And we want to talk about Raise Some Hell? A fast, powerful piece, metal in the true sense of the word, which we too often tend to forget, worthy of the applause of anyone who loves our genre.

Listened to several times, the disc also presents us with less aggressive sides, such as Love Will Find A Way or Words Cut Like Knives, which do not disfigure in the context, also giving us a few moments of respite, but in my opinion it is in the fastest compositions, at Damn You! for example, that the powerful Tygers Of Pan Tang engine develops all its charm and power!

To listen and listen again. And we recommend proper volume !!!

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