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C.C.Larratxo, Donostia, Spain, 17th November 2018 Review by MetalJournal.net :

Many years ago Megadeth's Dave Mustaine complained because he had to explain to one of his guitarists what the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) was. That revolutionary movement that originated in the United Kingdom at the end of the seventies and eighties not only left some of the great names of the genre, such as Iron Maiden, Saxon or Def Leppard, but it was also an enormous influence for subsequent generations.

Euskadi has lived a dreamed weekend for lovers of the genre, first with the performance of Diamond Head on Friday in Vitoria and then with that of Tygers Of Pan Tang within the festival VII Zombie Jaialdia, which was held yesterday in Larratxo (San Sebastián) ). Two of the key bands of that movement with many parallels in their discontinuous trajectories. Both groups deserved a much greater success than they have barely been able to taste.

And to top it all off, both bands released their last albums, and also homonyms, in 2016. Unfortunately, both Diamond Head on Friday and Tygers Of Pan Tang yesterday played before a few audiences taking into account the history and quality they treasure.

The Whitley Bay came onstage to the rhythm of Only The Brave, the first of the four songs they played from their last release (Tygers Of Pan Tang, 2016). Then they encouraged the nostalgia with Love Do not Stay, the first of his classics, belonging to his third album, Crazy Nights. At that time they had the guitarist John Sykes (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Blue Murder ...) in their training.

They contrasted the melody of Lonely At The Top with a whole lesson in heavy metal: Gangland. In command of the operations stood out the Italian vocalist Jacopo Meille, one of the great architects of this second youth living the British band. With the poise and essence of a hard rock singer, he does not hesitate to address the heaviest and most demanding topics.

The only original component that remains in Tygers Of Pan Tang is guitarist Robb Weir. But yesterday was the union of musicians who have been playing together for many years, such as the spectacular drummer Craig Ellis, in the band since 2000, or bassist Gavin Gray, a fixed member since 2011, although he had already been in the group in 1999. The newest is the guitarist soloist Micky Crystal, who has been in the group for five years respecting the legacy of his predecessors and contributing his own identity.

They looked back to their debut album, Wild Cat, with Euthanasia. Meille had to adapt to the tune of the first vocalist, Jess Cox, much less melodic than Jon Deverill, the singer of the rest of the classic albums of Tygers Of Pan Tang of the eighties.

They were vitalists in Keeping Me Alive before re-greening another of their fundamental themes. "With this song they opened the concerts in 1981", explained Meille in the presentation of Take It. Heavy classic metal in its purest form. "This is a kind of ballad", as defined by the singer in reference to Do not Stop By. The English showed the different faces of their latest work with the catchy Glad Rags, chanted by the fans, and with the heaviest Never Give In.

Already in the final part of his performance stood out the extensive instrumental passage embedded in Slave To Freedom, another of the themes of his debut album, which linked with another declaration of intentions; Raised On Rock. They had time for one last new track, Devil You Know, before closing with another of the essential songs; Suzie Smiled

But they still came back with a couple of encores; Hellbound that showed its heavier heritage and Love Potion # 9, its classic version of a theme that had already popularized groups like The Clovers or The Searchers more than half a century ago. In total hour and quarter of pure NWOBHM in charge of one of the great exponents of the genre. A band that, like Diamond Head, deserved to have reached a much higher level.

The VII Zombie Jaialdia had four other bands besides Tygers Of Pan Tang. The event was opened by the Iparralde group The Hellectric Devilz, an ensemble so eclectic that its influences include heavy, thrash and punk rock. They had no luck in Larratxo because a problem with the battery drastically aborted their performance. The organization had to act quickly to save the rest of the festival program, which could be resumed with the concert of the Biscayan Kauce. A band that approached a forceful heavy sung in Castilian and that outlined its particularity thanks to the personal voice of its singer.

The third parties in the contest were the Barcelona-born Daeria, who take the Döria road again. They arrived in San Sebastian to present the material for their new release, Fénix. They carried their own props with special lights and took the opportunity to show a heavy metal with current features and a good staging lesson

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