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Streetclip.tv - Ambush Vinyl Review

The artwork of the last TYGERS OF PAN TANG crying out for release on vinyl with the associated large cover! One of the best covers ever TOPT (Rodney Matthews was thanks!) And NOTVD has the prayers regarding the vinyl wishes. Limited to 350 units run with a 12-sided 7 inch large booklet is worth every penny and not just because of the great artwork, but also because Robb Weir and his team have done an excellent Lonplayer, How live several times at our latitudes hear or see was the old NWOBHM legend with Jaccopo Meille has again an excellent frontman in the band. The only original member, guitarist Robb Weir, here and decided well TOPT back on track. The eleven songs are excellently produced by Chris Tsangarides. The sound is a kind of warm, yet very crisp and punchy, which gets the outstanding material well. The opener 'Keeping Me Alive' sets the bar high. A straighter rocker TOPT the old school. Very cool. `She` is another future TOPT anthem. What a riff! And to this Spanish guitar part in the last third of the track-hammer! Jacopo sings incredibly well, and here and there even is a note by Jess Cox. Only the banal `Rock` n `Roll Dream 'on page one falls somewhat in comparison to the other four pieces. Side two opens with a flashy rocker named 'Man On Fire' which scores again with a distinctive riffs and a relentless good singing. For this purpose a passage the chorus easy to mitbrüllen animated! The hard, boogie-heavy 'Play To Win' is another burner. 'Burning Desire' reminds me somehow of THIN LIZZY. The cracking Suzie `Hey! 'To shake memories of` Suzie Smiled', which succeeds only partially, it is mentioned the title to cool! But by no means a weak song. `Mr. Indispensable `is a well-kept up-tempo banger with Led Zepplin bonds, which currently meets Jacopo's voice very much. The album-closing `Speed` makes its name. From this rapid caliber 2-3 songs more on the plate and Ambush would almost maximum points. An absolutely recommendable album can keep up with the loose old classic like 'Crazy Nights' or 'The Cage' to be without red. Vinyl freaks here absolutely MUST strike the artwork ... you know. Everyone else will have to make do with the CD version or even are lucky and find one of the limited edition of 300 units 'Ambush' fan packs, which sold out ultra fast.

(8 points)

Jurgen Tschamler

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