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Streetclips Ritual review. By Jürgen Tschader

"It seems to be the year of the old British NWoBHM bands. After ANGEL WITCH and DIAMOND HEAD comes another style-defining band from the era with a new album around the corner that has it all.We remember briefly: With 'Ambush', the British 2012 back with a superb comeback album back. At the same time, they delivered live again impressively. Four years later, the successor, simply titled `Tygers Of Pan Tang`, was pushed to the starting line. Good, but not quite as strong as 'Ambush', yet well above the average of the NWoBHM competition. Three years later, the third album is due to the successful reunion.`Ritual` is the perfect mix of the two predecessors, just in terms of earwig compatibility on it, without the harmonic-metallic guitars have to suffer. TYGERS OF PAN TANG have found their sound with this 11 tracker. The balance between catchiness and controlled heaviness works perfectly on this album. None of the eleven songs seems or sounds like gap fillers.Clearly ahead are stormy numbers like `Raise Some Hell`,` The Art Of Noise`, `Destiny` or` White Lines`. Hard Rock / Heavy Metal in almost perfect form. The guitar snappy, the vocals dominant and yet unobtrusively embedded in the overall sound. A semi-ballad like `Words Cut Like Knives` simply makes goosebumps. What begins devoutly devotes itself to a clanking middle section and ends with a melody that bites hard in the ear. Also very far ahead with `Sail On`. What a worn, oppressive mid-tempo power number. Here, too, an incomprehensible song and earwig qualities. Similarly, the sluggish `Resuce Me` knows how to impress. The compositions have all the bite and convince at the first round. The production warm and round. Perfect.The British guitarist Robb Weir has achieved a real milestone. An album that will be at the forefront of the long and extremely good discography of the band and is loosely on par with `Crazy Nights` or` The Cage`. For me, one of the top 10 albums of the year. (9 points)"

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