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Verorock  - 'Ritual' Review

2019 was undoubtedly a prolific year for metal in general, with great record releases. There was great anticipation for the return of the Tygers Of Pan Tang, led by the English tiger Robb Weir, after the valuable 2016 album of the same name. Three years is a time more than enough to not overstate the material market, and to be able to prepare with the right timing a new album with contributions!

"Ritual", (released in conjunction with the holiday season), was more than a gift for all fans..a real tribute to the best NWOBHM, of which the Tygers are unquestionably standard bearers! Since our talented (ex Mantra) Jacopo Meille, he joined the band, taking over the reins behind the microphone, the Tygers Of Pan Tang, who had entered into an endless oblivion after the stormy closure of the collaboration with the former John Deverill, have relived a second youth thanks to the contribution of new talented young musicians, who have completely renewed the old and blunt line-up. And in fact this new album, titled "Ritual", does nothing more than test its excellent state of health, giving continuity to the previous product. "World Apart", opens the dance in a bombastic and incisive way, where that mix between melody / technique / vintage meets the most modern hard rock, which makes the proposal flowing and melodic enough, always being careful not to distort the typical and unmistakable British style, with a decidedly heavy cut, thanks to the pair of Weir / McCrystal wings. "Destiny" and "Rescue Me" follow and pursue the same winning mood, with a Meille increasingly protagonist with its sharp incisors and clean, but nice to feel even in the softest parts. "Ritual" finds its maximum strength with "White Lines" (first single extract), where there is no difficulty in matching it with the band's classics from the past. The disc continues to convince even with the subsequent "Words Cut Like Knives", a piece of great class and played with feeling, while with "Damn You" you experience the least glorious moment of the full-leght in question, but we are still very distant from the consider it a filler. "Love Will Find A Way" is pure magic, "Sail On" is another hit from the thumbs up, "Art Of Noise", captures and attacks without giving discounts to anyone. No filler, no empty loop in "Ritual" ... just a lot of substance and quality, which certifies the Tygers Of Pan Tang among the major international companies in the metal field. "Animal Instinct" (2008) and "Ambush" (2012) remain unquestionably the pinnacle of the rebirth and the new artistic path of tigers, but this new chapter faithfully follows the trend, following closely and faithfully the lines drawn previously, always roaring and scratching in a lethal way! Superlatives!

Rating: 8.5

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